Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 2006

The first picture is of the boys just before bedtime:)
Big Brother getting set to trick or treat.
Big Brother as SpiderMan.

I took Big Brother trick or treating and K.C. stayed at home with my Mom and Adam. My Mother brought the movie The Labyrinth for Adam and K.C. to watch. My Mother said there were only about 10 trick or treaters this year. She said she walked K.C. to the door and helped him to drop candy into the trick or treaters buckets. He didn't run and hide when he heard the doorbell ring, hooray K.C.!! She also said he loves Skittles and must have ate 10 snack size packs of them.
Big Brother and I walked a lot! He got a lot of candy and I know that I am going to have to put some into zip lock bags and hide it away from the boys and save it or another day.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


kyra said...

happy halloween to your boys! good for KC! that's a big deal! all those strangers coming to the door! all that uncertainty. sounds like he did a great job!

mommyguilt said...

Wheeeeeeee! Hooray for KC! That's wonderful! Halloween can be a little freaky, outside of the regular Halloween-freaky, for our little bugs. I'm so glad to hear that KC had such a good reaction this year!

Lora said...

Way to go K.C. that is so awesome! Sounds like he is making great progress, what a big boy he has become. We are so proud of you K.C. Hey Tina, give him a big hug from us!