Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Boys

Hello Fellow Bloggers, we have been away for awhile because we switched to Beta Blogger and it wreaked havoc on our previous blog. So here we are starting new again. K.C. and Big Brother got Mono just after Rosh Hashanah. They have been so sick but are starting to feel better finally. Their Doctor gave them Rocephin shots and it has helped alot. Big Brother has been sleeping so much but K.C. hasn't been sleeping at all. Taking an Autistic child to get bloodwork and X rays is extremely difficult. I called ahead before taking K.C. in and it sure helped! The office staff are much more willing to help I have found if I call ahead. We didn't have to wait and they took us in the back away from the waiting room. Good thing cause K.C. was screaming non stop.
Hopefully both Boys will be back in school soon and K.C. can continue with his ABA therapy at home.
Big Brother has been talking about Halloween alot! Each year we take him to the mall because Radio Disney is there and Mickey Mouse as well. K.C. doesn't understand Halloween and could care less. We decorate a little :)
I will be putting up some new photos of the Boys soon as soon as they are happy and healthy again.
It's is so nice to be back Bloggers:)