Friday, July 01, 2011

Everything Upside Down!

Lately K.C. has wanted everything turned upside down. Dishes, cups, toys etc. must be turned upside down after he's finished with them. Tonight Diet Coke in a can was turned upside down and left on the top of my cable box. It's no longer working :( I don't know what's got into him. Even with his eyes he's looking out of the corner as much as possible as if to try to see what's behind him. Don't know what to make of it. I do know he gets mighty angry if I turn his things that he's finished with upside down. Even if the dish is full of food it gets dumped. Hopefully he will soon let this upside down thing go. I wonder if he's Dyslexic? Don't know if it's a phase or? 
Adam is doing super well! He has been staying with family in Israel for the last 6 months. He will be coming back home to us very soon. When my Parents were alive Adam didn't get out much at all.  My Parents were excellent parents but my Mom was so overprotective of Adam that he really didn't go very many places or even have a ABA program that he needed to go to. My Mom kinda just accepted Adam as he was which is wonderful but I could always see that he was capable of so much more. This young man has been doing very well visiting AND staying with family. Of course his home is here with the boys and I. Visiting family is his second home. He still loves to paint and is truly gifted at what he does. God blessed this young man with such beautiful talent. He's doing very well and has adjusted over the months. I'm happy that he can see the world and that he's learning to cope with changes so much better each day. Some days are rough but all in all I have to say he's doing great! 
Big Brother and I are gearing up for fireworks! KC isn't a big fan of the noises that they make but we park quite far from the fireworks and don't hear the noises much but have a great view from where we sit. We are going to Walmart tomorrow to find some fireworks to buy for Big Brother. KC actually loves sparklers! He twirls them as he walks in circles never taking his eyes of the sparkles.
We hope all of you have a great holiday and please be safe! We will be trying to stay cool here in Arizona as it's been 115 degrees here!
How is the weather in your state?
(I managed to get this picture of KC looking straight at me after 6 tries! ) It's tough for him to make eye contact, if he does it's very quick! Gotta be fast to catch this guy!)