Thursday, November 02, 2006

Adaptive P.E.

( Waiting for the bus today.)

K.C. will be having Adaptive P.E. soon. On Monday someone is coming from the school district to accompany K.C. and his teacher to "regular ed P.E." to show them that he cannot and will not (he screams the entire time) participate in P.E. class. His teacher says someone from the district has to witness that he cannot go with his classmates to P.E. or Music because of his behaviors. K.C. is in an Autism room but each of his classmates go to regular P.E. and Music with an aide. K.C.'s teacher did try and has been trying her best to have him with his classmates and an aide at P.E. and Music but he cannot. So he will be having Adaptive P.E. soon:) His teacher thinks that P.E. and Music being unstructured just throws K.C. off so much. The Music teacher said she tried to make accommodations for K.C. but it just isn't working out. I did mention to the music teacher that he really loves Disney Songs and I even asked if maybe she could do a Disney Song and she said she couldn't because she has a curriculum to follow. Oh well.

Big Brother has been very mischievous this week. I think he's had too much candy. He has been silly and quite the prankster this week. This is the face of a child who has just pulled a fast one on Mom. I opened the refrigerator and underneath my favorite cheese is the huge fake cockroach! College Boy is teaching Big Brother all the great pranks. Big Brother's fake cockroach scared me to death and I couldn't help notice his evil little grin and had to snap a photo! You can see he's quite happy after scaring Mom to death, lol.


Lora said...

I do not understand why the teacher cannot play Disney songs for heaven's sake. Sure she has a cirriculum to follow ....her own for Pete's sake. That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard. Kathleen plays all kinds of music for the kiddos and especially the ones that they enjoy the most. Sorry, I just had to rant a little bit and I know that you are probably tired of hearing about what Kathleen does all the time :) I love that pic of Big Brother what a sly and clever young man he has become. It's always a good thing when he makes you laugh and he has a good laugh too. You did laugh didn't you? (wink wink)

Kristina Chew said...

Yes that is the face of mischief. Do you know what kinds of things KC might do in adaptive PE?

Charlie gets PE/gym every day---it's a great thing, as he exercise really helps him.

Happy November!

The other me said...

Isaac refuses P.E too, I wonder why when he loves to climb and jump and run, don't you just wish you could get inside their heads and see what is so frightening about such every day things?