Saturday, October 07, 2006

Trip To The Store

K.C. has been in the house quite a bit lately so I decided to get him dressed and take both boys to the store. The dollar store (pictured above) is the first store I started taking K.C. to try to teach him how to just be in a store, wait in line, (waiting in line is very difficult even now, K.C. tends to make shrieking noises, squeals and some really strange noises that are hard to describe. If anyone has any ideas as how to get K.C. to stop making the noises in public let me know. The folks in line were staring at K.C. and this time I noticed Big Brother looking very nervous having people staring at us. But K.C. was a happy little kiddo in the store today and did a great job waiting. He picked out a car all by himself and Big Brother looked over the Halloween stuff. Big Brother is so excited about Halloween in fact he stashes his costume in his backpack and takes it to school. So far he wants to be SpiderMan or a ghoul type thing.
I just noticed in the photo above that K.C. and Big Brother are nearly even in height! Big Brother is 6 and K.C. 5.
We have a live in college student who is staying with us. The Boys father brought him to us before he left for California. He is taking Child Psychology and is wonderful with K.C. and Big Brother. I never really realized just how busy college students are and how much homework they have these days!
Big Brother has been keeping in touch with his Daddy by phone. They take pictures on the phone and send them to each other. Every other night we turn on the web cam so their Dad can see them and he turns his on so the kids can see him.
It is still very warm here and I am so looking forward to cooler temps:)

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Karianna said...

I hate those stares we get in public when my son makes funny noises, shrieks, and speaks louder than "neurotypical" people.

Sounds like the store trip went well, though! :)