Monday, October 30, 2006

I.E.P. Meeting (to make some changes)

K.C.'s teacher asked me to come to a short I.E.P. to make so changes to his I.E.P. K.C. is in a different school now and his Teacher and Speech Pathologist are adding an Assistive Technology to help him progress on his I.E.P. goals. His teacher said he is in need of an AT Service in order to receive FAPE. His Speech Path said the AT would give him a voice. She said she isn't getting any sounds out of K.C. They are using a Cheap-Talk4 in class with K.C. right now but she also said that she handed in a consult for some folks to come out to the classroom and try to show K.C. different types of AT to see which one he responds best too. The great thing about the AT is that he will get to bring it home and carry it to school! They are very portable and the teacher said as he gets older the AT devices become very complexed. His teacher also mentioned he needs assistance with behavioral issues. She let me borrow this book,
From what I have read so far, this book is awesome! Can you guys believe it? If K.C. learns to use an AT he will finally have a voice! I am so excited for K.C. and hope it doesn't take the school too long to get the device. The teacher also said I might want to put a bug in K.C.'s DDD managers ear about the AT device. I am going to call her first thing in the morning. There are 6 in K.C.'s classroom and his teacher said that this morning she told the students it was Monday and has each of the children said , "Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday and when it was K.C.'s turn had he had a AT device he could have pushed "Monday" and he would have had a "voice."
If there are any Blogger Parents out there who are using an AT device, which device worked best for your kiddo and how long did it take to learn to use it? I am so excited for K.C.!

Have a Great Halloween Bloggers and Kiddos, be safe.


Kristina Chew said...

That is great news! Let us know how KC progresses.

Love the hat! Looking forward to your Hallowen pix!

Melissa H said...

AWESOME NEWS!!!!! Looking forward to hearing all about KC's new voice.

Lora said...

OMG!!!!!That is such great news!!!! Can't wait to hear about it that is just so exciting that I am jumping up and down! I am so thrilled for you guys!!!!!!Love you guys and great big hugs to all of you