Friday, October 26, 2007

Learning his colors

K.C.'s teacher sent a note home in his communication book, he is learning his colors! I wrote her back and asked her how he is learning them because I have been trying very hard each and everyday to teach him his colors. She said he is doing very well if the color is "signed" rather than only said. He is recognizing the signs for colors and some of the colors! We have learned that he will watch hands so much better than mouths or eyes. I have a very strong feeling that I am going to need to take a sign language class. I don't think I am going to be able to help K.C. if I only know the basics, I need to know more. This may be his way of communicating/learning so I am going to need to know all that I can. Tomorrow I am going to call around and see what classes I can find.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Update on Toe :)

I have been putting loads of peroxide on K.C.'s toe and the weirdest thing happened. His toe nail turned a sorta (milky color, sorry I know it's a bit gross) and this morning when I checked it the nail had fell off! I couldn't believe it especially since it wasn't bruised and the nail didn't turn a dark color. The redness is way better, it's not nearly as red as it was so maybe the nail coming off is a blessing. Still I don't know how it happened in the first place. Just glad it's looking better!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Hello Blogger Friends, how are you all doing? We hope you all are well. We are doing o.k. these days. Big Brother is reading a great deal about Ireland at school and loving it :) I have been meaning to ask Eileen if she has the recipe for soda bread. Big Brother can bring a traditional Irish food to class for extra credit. He is really happy about it!

K.C. has been limping on his right leg. His teacher phoned me from school saying that she would stay in class with him while the rest of the students went on their morning walk. Each morning their class walks 1 mile and then they head back to class. His teacher says the students are much much more focused after their morning walk. She took him to the school nurse and the nurse called me saying she couldn't find anything wrong with his knee or hip. I wish that K.C. could tell me what hurts or at least when I ask him he could understand and point to the area that hurts. As of today he can't tell me what hurts and doesn't understand the "where does it hurt" question. Well last night when I gave the boys a bath Big Brother spotted the "owie." It was his right leg, the littlest toe. I didn't even see it all this time. My eyes have got to be getting bad, I should have seen it. Well, when I took him out of the bath and dried him off, I had a closer look at his toe. As soon as I touched it pus drained from his toe like crazy. I was shocked. I asked Big Brother to get me cotton balls and peroxide and he did. I kept pouring that peroxide on his toe until it stopped foaming. All this time his little toe had to be killing him but he couldn't say. It's times like these that I hate Autism. It got me to thinking, what if he had Appendicitis or something like that? What if his Appendicitis ruptured? It scares me to death. I wish he could tell me what hurts. It's really a guessing game.

Tomorrow he goes back to school and I am hoping that the redness goes down and it looks better. If not, I will take him to the doctor. I checked his toe and didn't see any sign of an ingrown toenail. I don't know if he dropped something on his foot or what. I also checked his shoes thinking something could be in his shoe or maybe they were a little too small. I bought a new pair of shoes with a wider width, size 2 1/2.

Tomorrow is a new day and maybe K.C.'s little toe will be better :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Zoo and Hiking

The boys and I went to the zoo last weekend. Big Brother had a good time, he really liked the Spider exhibit. My little guy loved walking and liked petting the goats. We also went hiking, there were Rams on the mountains and we watched them make their way up and down the mountain with ease.
The boys are on Winter break and go back to school on Monday. Since K.C. has been out of school he has been out of sorts. I know he misses the routines of school. He now has this obsession with shoes and taking them off peoples feet. As soon as someone walks through the door K.C. will make a frantic (and I mean frantic) beeline for your feet and take your shoes off. The sad part is he looks completely paranoid and frantic. He constantly watches to be sure no one has shoes on and it drives him nuts. Big Brother got kinda angry at K.C. over the whole shoe thing and refused to let K.C. take his shoes off. K.C. freaked out, hit his head and cried and cried. Big Brother hurried over to K.C. and offered him his feet but it was too late, he was in meltdown mode. I know I am not helping the situation by allowing K.C. to have his way and take every ones shoes off, but damn, I am not going to watch him hit his head on the floor over it either. I am hoping that when school starts again he'll forget about the shoes.
I took pictures of the boys at the zoo and in one of the photos K.C. is looking at Big Brother and Big Brother is thrilled! He started shouting, "look mom he's looking at me, he does love me!" I haven't seen Big Brother's face light up like that in a very long time. It sure made our day and I felt so happy for Big Brother :)
I nearly forgot to mention, have you noticed how Big K.C. is getting? I have got to get this kiddo some more exercise, the Risperdal is making him chunky again.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Critters, Spawns?

Ants and Scorpions. How do I get rid of them without using chemicals? What's worse is this morning there was a baby scorpion in my shoe, worse because the little ones tend to be more toxic. I am hoping for cooler weather so that they will go into hiding. I am wondering where the mother scorpion is? Yuck. I hope it isn't hiding in my back yard. I am constantly having to shake shoes out, shake blankets out before bedtime. Big Brother knows not to leave his blanket hanging off the bed to where it touches the floor. I am grossed out by the critters. I shouldn't even call them "critters" cause in my eyes "critters" tend to be cute. Big Brother calls them "spawns" and wants to do experiments on them. Not going to happen. I let the nasty thing go far away from our house. K.C. has no fear and I mean no fear at all of scorpions, spiders etc. He'll reach right down and pick them up. Scary!