Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Parents Came To Visit Us Today

My Parents came by our house early this morning. They were headed up North with my brother Adam. K.C. was happy to see them but hid "or so he thought he was hiding even though we could all clearly see him hiding under the television) My Dad kept asking, "I wonder where K.C. has gone off to?" "I sure miss him, I guess we are going to have to eat all these gummy bears." My Dad will walk around the house calling out to K.C. and it's the cutest funniest thing ever, cause K.C. will hide but you can see he's still smiling real big:) So he just kinda stayed in his hiding place and just before they were about to leave, my Dad crawled down to where K.C. was hiding and left the gummy bears next to him.
Big Brother went with my Parents and Brother today. I know he will have alot of fun:)
I know in my heart one day when my Dad comes to visit he is going to run out of his hiding spot and smile and sit with my Dad. He's so close to coming out!!


Sam I Am said...

This is the most adorable picture of KC. You can see his smirky cute smile from the side. They are connecting more than you can imagine, but I know you just get excited thinking about the day he does run into your fathers arms!!!!

Lora said...

One day K.C. is going to surprise us all and do just that, run up to your dad (or whoever) and sit down next to him. K.C. is so incredibly handsome that is a great picture of him as all his pictures are excellent. He is really growing up isn't he?

Kat said...

My son does the same thing! He thinks if he can't see you, you can't see him. So he'll "hide" in plain view. Its a riot. We all have to play along, but his older brother (autistic and very literal) can't figure out why we are all unable to see him. I try to explain its pretend, but of course that goes right over his head. Very funny all around :)

The other me said...

I think I love your dad! I get so tired of people thinking they can 'jolly' my Isaac ( 5) into being 'normal' into joining in and talking...when they ignore him he will creep out. When they retend he isn't there he will stand closer....your dad has the perfect idea, bless him!