Sunday, October 08, 2006

Is He Tuning Me Out?

K.C. has been tuning me out, well at least I think that is what he's trying to do. When I talk to him he closes his eyes and plugs his ears. My Mother said that she thought my voice was too loud for him. I think he's just being a very clever boy.
He has always covered his ears with his hands and squinted his eyes a lot but it is so much lately that I wonder if he could have something wrong with his ears or it's just sensory? We have had his hearing tested every year, they put this little device in his ears and some how it can tell if he's hearing or not. It has always been fine.
I am going to try to lower my voice and see if it helps or not.
He's been a happy little boy today playing with his cars . Big Brother has been watching a lot of scary movies, tonight he is going to watch Little Vampire on Disney Channel. I have been trying to find a classic Frankenstein movie for him (1931) but haven't had much luck. He really likes the black and white films and so do I. The old scary movies are the best, last night we watched The Birds.
We are going to try to make Rice Krispies Treats on a stick. I have noticed K.C. tends to stick around longer when Big Brother and I are in the kitchen. I have to be very careful not to over encourage him into the kitchen because he will leave. He does much better if he comes into the kitchen to watch on his own terms and then we can slowly involve him in what we are doing. He'll help add things hand over hand as long as its not messy on his hands. I am hoping cooking in the kitchen will be some sort of break through for K.C. something we can do as a family and have fun. We'll keep at it:)


Lora said...

Cooking together in the kitchen sounds like fun, I hope that K.C. responds well to it and wants to participate. Do the scary movies not give Big Brother bad dreams? I remember watching The Birds as a child and being really scared to go outside (lol). ((((HUGS)))

kyra said...

good luck in the kitchen. it sounds very promising! fluffy and i have had more and more fun doing baking projects together. we started very slowly but now he will often offer his help when he sees me put on my apron!

Jenn said...

those rice krispie things on a stick look yummy!!
I know my boys LOVE helping me in the kitchen - it's a great activity to do with him!
Have you seen those edible markers? They are for drawing on sugar cookies. I wonder if he'd like that? (it's great for practicing fine motor control too).
I can't do the scary films - mostly because I'm a big chicken and *I'd* be the one having nightmares....eek birds!. Matthew would freak over the birds - He still has issues over a dumb bat that banged into his window one night.

Kristina Chew said...

Charlie has discovered rice krispies treats too (not with rice krispies, though). DO you have Netflix----they have all kinds of movies, old and new.

Keep at it is the best spirit!

Melissa H said...

I had a wonderful idea last week when I kept Conor home sick from school that we would bake chocolate chip cookies together. I had visions of Conor stirring the batter, measuring out flour, having fun while dumping the chocolate chips in the bowl. None of that happened. Instead, he had a fit that I was making cookies because he wanted to "Go outside? Go swing? Push me?"
Hope your kitchen adventure went better than mine!!!

Melinda said...

Noah does this a lot to me too...especially if I am telling him something he does not want to correcting him about something! hahaha...I think eventually they LEARN that they can USE some of their quirkiness to get away with things...or try to......I always tell Noah "I'm not falling for that" he quickly gives up. Course if I am really mad and YELL or raise my voice...then it is truly a thing that bothers Noah and he cannot physically take the level of sound my voice makes and he covers his ears and tells me to NOT yell as it is too loud for him or scares him. I try very hard to not do this......and now that I have said this I am sure I will get tested on it yet again. I do hope not....I do not like to yell let alone at Noah.