Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's been awhile....

Hello Friends,
It's been awhile since I last blogged. We have been doing well and the boys are growing like weeds! We traveled twice, the first time was to be with family in Israel and the second trip was to just get away for a couple weeks. KC does well on trips only if his doctor gives me a sedative to give to him just before. Long trips are very tough on him so God Bless his doctor for making it possible. Adam my little brother is used to flying pretty much. My Parents used to go quite a bit and as long as he has something to watch he's good (and that he gets a window seat as he looks and looks endlessly.) Big Brother is a chatterbox and his questions come at me left and right, he's changed quite a bit just over the year and has become someone who can outwit his Mom and pull the wool over any one's eyes. My dear friend College Boy has taken to calling him, "Scamp." Big Brother has a huge heart and listens to him Mama well. I know one thing for sure and certain, no one will take advantage of him in life or his brothers as long as he has any say in the matter.
K.C. has been eating everything he can put or fit in his mouth lately. Pennies, buttons on his clothes, even steel buttons he will try to chew off. I've caught him licking the walls and totally rushed with a wet wash cloth to wipe his tongue off. He's been healthy so far which surprises me because of how much he;s been putting in his mouth. We went through the entire house looking for anything he may eat or could choke on. This all happening within a two month period. It's getting terrible. Icky germs. I did get all the boys swine flu shots and seasonal flu shots. Lysol is a must now more than ever.
KC has also learned to put his own underwear and shorts on. He's been totally dry and will wear underwear all day long! As for going number 2, no way. He will hold it, be in pain rather than sit on the toilet. He's terrified of siting on the toilet. He literally shakes and screams. I feel so bad for him to see him so scared and wind up putting a diaper on him just for going poop. I'm not sure how to handle it just yet and I don't want to push him and ruin everything he's accomplished so we are taking it slow. I'm thinking when he's ready we will know.
Still not talking. Not a word. Not even close. Not to many sounds come from him, when they do they are garbled raspberries. I've come to accept that he may be nonverbal child forever. He does communicate with some signs and pictures. Pictures mostly. He knows his pictures are his way of communication and when he hands me one or I lay out choices of foods, like three choices he will scan them and hand me one. He's learned, "just one." We have our picture book everywhere we go. Even McDonald's. I've been through that drive-thru so much and as we approached in the past I'd always say, "do you want Nuggets or Hamburger?" I'd get total silence. Then came the picture book as I call it. His teacher and I printed up some McDonald's foods and he can surely pick one! I feel so much happiness knowing KC actually got what he wanted without a doubt! The happiness may seems so small to outsiders of the Autistic world but to you Mom's and Dad's and Brother's and Sisters know how good it feels and how their siblings clap and get excited for our kids with Autism.
Another change I have noted on KC but NOT big Brother. KC is almost 9 and Big Brother will be 10. KC has arm pit hair already! His legs have dark hair too! I was horrified. He's so young. Anyone else notice this on their kids? Big Brother noticed when they were taking a bath. He said, "Mom I'm older than him why is he turning into a man already?" O.k. that statement made me chuckle but still I had to say, "That's just the way God made him." Then he said, "Like his Autism too?" I agreed. I mean I wonder too but this was a good enough explanation for Big Brother and he didn't press but did look at me and as I said before he's a chatterbox, "Him KC has kinda bad luck Mommy." I didn't want to keep it going and for once he didn't press on. Maybe it was the look I gave.
Adam hasn't pinched in a month and a half! He used to pinch like crazy. We think we got that beat! He has chewy tube and his hands are always on it. It's a foot long as it was the ONLY one he'd take. He's happy with it and that's all that matters. We are happy when he's happy. He's painting alot, beautifully I might add. He has a gift from God when it comes to painting. I buy him the best paints money can buy, his room as you walk in is gorgeous. We are starting this weekend to have his walls painted white and nice and clean and then have him prepped (as it may take awhile from hs paint instructor (who has been wonderful working with Autistic kids and says that Adam has Savant skills in painting!) Do you know how proud I am? I knew this before he even told me. I've watched him.
Anyways back to his room. We are having his room painted white and we are going to try to get the idea across to him that his room walls are his canvas. I'm not sure how long it will take but I know he can do it with his teacher at his side. I want Adam to make his room come to life with his artwork all over his walls. My Parents would have been so proud and honestly I think I can imagine my Dad's mouth hanging open in amazement. My Parents sheltered Adam somewhat and he was limited in what he could do. I see no limit in his ability to do art.
I have been doing well. Healing each day mentally. Some days are way better than others but I have the boys to keep my mind from wandering to far. They are truly a blessing. Had my boys not been with me, I would have totally lost it.
Well my friends, thank you for stopping by and we hope you little guys and girls are well and that you are all doing well, we always pray for that.
I will blog more, especially about Ad Mans room!