Sunday, October 01, 2006

Recent Photos

The Boys are feeling much better! This morning we drove their Daddy to the airport, he is going to be in San Francisco for awhile. Talk about a sad little boy, Big Brother was in the downy dumps most the morning. His Dad did phone him when he got to his destination which brought a big ol' smile to Big Brother's face. While driving I looked in the rear view mirror at both boys. One boy looking very sad and another boy screeching with joy:) At one point K.C. finally quieted down for a few minutes. Then, out of the blue, K.C. let out a very loud scream! That made Big Brother laugh hysterically and me too. K.C. was a happy kiddo this morning.
Big Brother bought a Halloween cup with a straw from the supermarket today. I thought I'd let K.C. give it a try. I added water to the cup and before handing it to him I did show him how it worked. He took the cup from me but just couldn't grasp the idea of what the heck he was holding or how it worked. I don't blame him, he probably thought, "now she's trying to make me drink out of a monsters head, what is wrong with my Mommy?"
The temps are still around 100 degrees and I am so looking forward to cooler temps so we can go for walks. It may not happen until the end of October.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics! Gorgeous boys! Ha ha ha.. never thought about the monster cup that way before ;)