Friday, April 27, 2007

7 Random Things (Tagged By Julie)

People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things.
1. I completed the Mortuary Science Program at Community College, my Parents are in the "death business" so I thought it would be best to do the same.
2. I am Bipolar, I don't talk too much about it or give it too much attention because I'd like to think I have Bipolar Disorder but it doesn't have me, so it won't be mentioned on my blog much at all.
3. Sweets are my weakness, I really love Ben and Jerry's and jaw breakers of all things!
4. I am terrified of spiders! It doesn't help that I live in the desert where there are tons of creepy creatures, spiders, scorpions, snakes, lizard etc.
5. I very rarely wear shorts, my thighs are fat, he he.
6. K.C. is in a new school and on the days I am not busy I "spy" on him on the school playground and watch him play. I love to see him play and could watch for hours!
7. I am a Harry Potter fanatic! I love the books and the movies (book is better)!
Julie tagged me and is the nicest person. If you get a chance stop by her blog, she is awesome!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

K.C.'s teacher sent home his IEP with some changes made to it for when he starts first grade in August. I asked for more OT because it helps him so much. On his IEP she had his diagnosis as Autism with MR (Mental Retardation). I just wonder how they determine that since he can't take an IQ test? How can one really tell? I mean I know K.C. is a very smart little boy it's just locked up inside him and we are trying to help him as much as we can so he can get it out.
The picture below is of our daily routine as we walk to the bus stop. K.C. makes a beeline for the mailbox and knows exactly which box is ours. He can't quite get the key in but tries and always shuts the box and then I lock it. He loves checking the mail and smiles the whole time. I am thinking of laminating this picture of him "checking mail" as a little chore type thingy for him to do. I am always with him and I think it should be o.k. I have all the locks on every window and both doors. I double and triple check the alarm all the time. I am so paranoid he will escape again. The detective hasn't called and I talked to K.C.'s case manager and she said she didn't even think he would call. I pray she's right, but if he does I am fully prepared.


The school bus was about 20 minutes late today and I was beginning to go into panic mode. I was just about to call and seen it coming around the corner and put the phone away. K.C. was not a happy camper. His face was red, crying and looked tired. The bus driver told me that as K.C. was walking with the teacher to board the bus some students were making fun of him because of the harness he wears on the bus. I was angry. I wondered if this is what life is going to be like for him sometimes? I don't know what the teacher said to the students but I think the schedule delay totally threw K.C. off. He knows the routine of boarding the bus and when he got sidetracked from the other students who were making fun of him it threw him off. The bus driver said the teacher said from now on K.C. won't wear the harness out to the bus. She will put the harness on him when he's on the bus and not standing outside the bus. This part makes me angry because K.C. has in the past totally flat our refused to board the bus and head banged and did everything he could to not board the bus. We thought having the harness on him before he boarded the bus would give us a better chance of getting him strapped into the harness more quickly. Well I am angry because K.C. should not have to please anyone. So he wears a harness big deal. He should be able to do like we have always done but no, we have to change things and upset his routine because of what someone thinks? Ridiculous! I am going to talk to his teacher about it tomorrow and explain we are not changing his routine over some mean kids making fun of him. K.C. is K.C. and he doesn't have to change a darn thing! Why are children so cruel? Why do some folks think they must please society to "fit in" to their standards? I'll say it again, freaking ridiculous!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I ordered a safety sign from the Autism Society Of America. I was kinda disappointed at the size of the sign. As you can see in the photos on our window is the sign and it's so small. You actually have to get right up on it to see it. I was hoping it would be a little bit bigger in case there is an emergency you could see it easily. Do you guys think it's too small? I put one in the car window as well.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Autism Picnic 2007

We went to an Autism Picnic today and it was a lot of fun. K.C. would not leave home without his little DVD player. He did well at the picnic. Sometimes it was just too noisy and he would hold his ears and squint his eyes. As long as we took breaks every 15 to 20 minutes he seemed to be able to gather himself and did better. K.C. didn't participate in any activities but you could tell he was just taking it all in. He was looking around and smiling at times. His little DVD player would not leave his hands and I figured if I allowed him to bring it we might make it through the picnic. Big Brother rode a pony (K.C. watched) went down a huge slide, ate cotton candy, ice cream, hot dogs, Sun Chips and drank alot of soda. I did mange to get K.C. to eat sun chips and drink a Sprite. I brought his food in a backpack along with other things I thought I might need to prevent a meltdown. No meltdowns today! Two relatives came along with us to the picnic and Big Brother played with Lynn alot. It sure was a warm day in Arizona!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Sensory Based Program

K.C.'s teacher says the program for Autism that K.C. will be attending in August is called a Sensory Based Program. I am going to be learning more about this program but welcome any comments in regards to the program. Do you Mom's or Dad's have you kiddos in a Sensory Based Program and has it worked well for you kiddos? I am a bit nervous for K.C. but he does have alot of sensory issues so this program may be ideal for him. The second picture is of K.C.'s monitor on the bus. I asked his permission to take the picture and he said it was o.k. He's a big fella and the nicest guy. K.C. seems to really like him. He takes quick glances in his direction and has a half smile when the monitor greets him. Things are going well so far at school. Big Brother has completed his testing but we won't know the results until September :( He was really excited about it. Lately Big Brother has been requesting "Pho" to eat almost every night and for Breakfast! He has been eating and putting the spiciest stuff in his food (just like his Daddy does). It actually rained here last night can you believe it? K.C. watched the rain (it's rare here when it does rain) and I let him walk into the back yard for a minute or two to get wet. It's been really warm here!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

K.C. is in school again!

K.C. is attending school again. I haven't yet blogged about it but he started going about a week ago. He is doing very well in his new school! There are only 3 students in his class and it has made a real difference in the way K.C. get's on and off the bus. It seems he really wants to go! He is still in the harness to ride the bus but the bus driver reports he is doing well. I asked his teacher how and if he is approaching his classmates and she said he is "aloof." For 1 st grade K.C. will attend a full day program and then come home to his ABA sessions. So far so good! Way to go K.C.!

Been Sick :(

Hi Bloggers I' ve missed you all:) I have been sick with a nasty kidney infection :( I am finally over it thanks to anti biotics. I guess I haven't been drinking enough water these days, just Dr. Pepper :( The good news is I have kicked my Caffeine habit and haven't had any caffeine at all in 13 days! Now I am just drinking Sprite Zero, no caffeine or sugar!
The boys are doing well, K.C.'s therapies are going really well and he has been very co operative with his ABA instructor! I am very proud of him and so glad we have started ABA again. K.C. isn't able to trace lines so we have been working extra hard with him in this area. He still handles his pencil with a fisted grasp and does a very fast back and forth motion. We are trying to teach him how to hold the pencil properly and how to trace some simple lines. He needs lots of hand over hand and I have even found these chunky pencils that are easier for him to hold.
Big Brother has been a busy little fellow at school. He is taking alot of tests this week so he's been going to bed 30 minutes earlier this week. Yesterday he took the reading portion and today will be the writing portion. His teacher called and said Big Brother says he is going to score 100 on the testing. I said, "great" and she said, "no, it makes it harder for the other children." I asked her, "how do you figure?" She said if a child scores a 100 on these tests then the folks who give the test will make it that much harder for the children next time round. I told Big Brother to do his best and if he wants to make a 100 then I am totally behind him and he should go for it!! Big Brother has made a friend at school, his first friend really. He is a 8 year old boy from India. He really likes this little guy and I am thrilled that he's found a friend.
Passover was tough because I was sick. We had passover Seder at my Mom's house and I was just soooo sick. Big Brother read some Hebrew this year and that was the highlight of the evening for me. I cried, happy tears:)
Hope you all are well and had a great holiday with your families. I will be by your blogs soon:)