Saturday, October 21, 2006

Visiting The Neighborhood Park / Tagged!

My two little guys.
The first photo is of K.C. going up the stairs of the slide. When he climbs he always stops and throws his head back and looks at the sky.
Photo number two is K.C. trying to understand how to climb on this structure. He was totally baffled, Big Brother tried showing him how to climb but I think K.C. was just not sure.
My little daydreamer.
Big Brother sitting in the middle of the play structure.
K.C. throwing his head back to look at the sky. Big Brother getting the giggles as K.C. throws his head back.

It was a very warm day today and the boys had a great day at the park.

I was tagged by my dear friend Lora so here goes!

1.Things that scare me- War, Diseases and any harm that could come to my boys. 2.People who make me laugh- Big Brother, K.C. and College Boy.3. Things I hate the most- having a tic, things that are not finished and selfish people 4.Things I don't understand-How people talk so smoothly, how their thoughts flow freely-Why K.C. has Autism and War 5. Things I am doing right now-Listening to a Green Day CD with College Boy-Wondering how College Boy can do his homework, eat and listen to Green Day at the same time. Trying to understand how to upload videos to Blogger 6. Things I want to do before I die- Live in Israel , Have a conversation with K.C., and know that I have raised my boys to be honest, caring, compassionate individuals. Things I can do-Juggle, Complete a Rubix Cube and Be a Good Mommy. Ways to describe my personality-Open, not judgmental and Friendly .Things I can't do- Listen to Bullcrap, let someone walk all over my boys and listen to Rap Music (yikes) 10.Things I think that you should listen to-Your children, your heart and the silence. 11.Things you should never listen to-Negativity Spreaders, Hate and Preaching 12. Things I'd like to learn-Trig, How to best teach a child with Autism and how to be a better advocate for K.C. 13. Favorite foods- Knishes, Matzah Kugel and Salads - 14. Beverages I drink regularly- Dr.Pepper, Dasani Water Flavored with Grape and Orange Juice -15. Shows I watched as a kid- Saved By The Bell, Wonder Years and The News with my Parents (blah).


Lora said...

Thanks for doing the meme, I liked your answers better than my own. I especially liked that you would like to have a conversation with K.C. before you die. That really touched my heart because I too would like to have a conversation with Griffin. Let's have lots of hope for the future and that it will happen in our lifetime. Love & hugs

Melissa H said...

Trig isn't all it is cracked up to be. LOL

I love the picture of KC and Big Brother where KC's head is thrown back!

I loved the answers to your meme. Each time I read, I learn more and more about you. Can't say I share your love of knishes, though!! :-)

You're such a special person, Tina. Thank you for blogging so that we can all share in your life.

Anonymous said...

Those are georgeous pics! I love park pics!

The boys look like they're having such a good time.

Love your answers! Great meme!



kyra said...

i love the pics at the park. fluffy ALWAYS leans his head way back to look up at the sky! and i love all your answers, especially #10. here's to listening to: our children, our hearts, and the silence. just beautiful.