Saturday, October 16, 2010

We are doing well!

The boys and I are doing well. We have been watching movies at the theater and traveling quite a bit. We just returned from Huntington Beach where the weather was gorgeous and refreshing. KC has been going on long walks in the evenings every night in hope that he loses some weight. He's one big kid! He's my little, "eating machine." He likes the movies but as soon as it starts he has to keep his ears plugged with his fingers the entire movie. He does well. Big Brother is thrilled that we all go to the movies together now! It's good and to just be able to walk out the door and go to a movie is HUGE! I have noticed with age KC is tolerating more. I really believe his sensory system is maturing more and he knows how to handle the noises better. He loves the computer and is able to color a picture online all by himself. We have accepted that KC is nonverbal and we are all working hard with signs, He's doing well. What a big boy he has become! Im so proud of this little boy.
Big Brother is really growing up! He's acting so much older and his role now is protector and helper/caretaker. It's just the way Big Brother wants it. I've reminded him a thousand times that he needs to focus also on himself and that he's also a little boy but he wont have it. He knows his brother needs lots of help and Im certain he will always be there for him.
Big Brother is doing well in school and loves all sports now! He's quite the football player. Rough and Tough. All Boy!
Trees- I forgot to mention, KC is terribly frightened of trees. Any and all trees! If a tree branch comes near him or touches him he screams and acts as if hes about to vomit. Not sure what happened. He's just constantly looking for any tall grass or anything remotely similar to a tree. Its sad because he goes in to a panic and the tears flow. Im hoping it passes,
We hope you and your families are doing well! Time to do some catching up!