Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Previous Blog (Please Read) Important!

I just learned today that my previous blog that Blogger "fixed" has been taken over by someone else :( WITHOUT my permission. Everything I had wrote on Autism and K.C. is deleted and someone else has replaced it with something else about Autism under the profile name "me." Everything I wrote about K.C. is lost. If there is an old link in your blog roll with Autism and KC please delete it right away because it is not me who is writing there. Really ticks me off, sad really.
Please update your blogrolls to Autism Schmatism

Thanks everyone:)


Sam I Am said...

Done deal! Got this one. Have missed reading!!! I wondered if something wasn't up. Something I started doing awhile back, is I am copy everything I write in each post and past it into a word document so I can save everything (for my memories). That is so frustrating that happened to you and I am sorry. I am just happy I have your new site!!!!!

kyra said...

oh my! i just went to your old link and saw what you mean! i will delete it right now from my side bar. so sorry that happened. do you have an old link saved anywhere on your computer? i think there is a way to catch the old information, under 'cache' or something. i wish i was more computer savvy.

sending ((((((((hugs))))))))))

Lora said...

That just stinks! I don't understand how that could have happened. Gosh, you have just had the worst luck with blogs. I will delete the old one right away.

Mamaroo said...

It's done. The old one has been replaced with the new blog. Glad to be able to keep up with you and your boys still. And very happy to hear how the new bus and school are working out so well for KC!!!

Jenn said...

oh man that totally sucks Tina!!
How the heck can that happen - did the powers that be at blogger say anything? I'd be so upset - In fact I think i'm going to go and back up my entire blog......and I'll change your link right away! Thanks for posting this.