Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Boys Are Doing Well

The boys are doing very well these days. K.C is doing very well in his new school/programs. He is finally happy, going to school happy and coming off the bus happy. When K.C. first started his new program I was very, very worried. I feared he would be ignored and left behind. His teacher told me the children in this Autism class were very mildly affected by their Autism and needed very little sensory. The children are verbal and toilet trained. His teacher said K.C.'s Autism severely affects him but that being said- the school is there for him and they are going to help him. Our case manager made a surprise visit to his new school and said from what she has seen they are really looking after him and he always had at least two aides helping him all the time. His teacher reported he isn't aware of his peers yet, not really. She also said she was going to make some changes to his IEP and would go over the changes and why she made them with me soon. He is happy, screeching/screaming every other minute. He'll screech and run to the couch or the side of the entertainment center and bite it as he screeches. His OT wants to give him a long piece of a clear tube to bite instead of the furniture or wood. Big Brother is doing great! He is doing well in school and just as curious as ever. "College Boy" is still with us, for those of you who aren't familiar with "College Boy," he is a student taking Psychology who is living with us/helping with the boys. The Boys Daddy left him with us before he left for California. Big Brother is always in contact with his Daddy via web cam/ phone and K.C. still looks very perplexed to see his Daddy on the web cam and isn't exactly thrilled about it, lol.
Cooking in the kitchen has been a wonderful experience for Big Brother! He loves it! This weekend I told him we are going to buy cookie cutters in hopes of getting K.C. more involved. He is definitely interested in what goes on in the kitchen. He'll peer around the corner. Little by little he's coming around. I don't want to push him too much to get involved, he'll come around when he's ready. I did tell Big Brother when he does come to the table to help to try to keep words to a minimum. Big Brother loves to see K.C. try new things and when he does he'll shout, "Look Mommy he's trying it!!" K.C. will take off from the kitchen with hands over ears.
I nearly forgot...if any of our fellow bloggers have photos of the first snow of the season could you post some photos? Big Brother has been asking alot about snow after he heard the news in Buffalo and their snow. You see it's still in the upper 80's here. Can't wait for cooler temps!


Sam I Am said...

Sooooo happy to hear that things are going better at school. We have had snow but it melts right away. Not the case in the northern part of our state (Minnesota) as we cancelled a trip to the north shore of Lake Superior this weekend because they have some. Sorry it is still warm there, but tell big brother that I hope it is awhile before I can send a pic!!!! :)

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Tina: I just happen to think - maybe K.C. would enjoy kneading bread. Billy Ray and I make it because it is a tradition from my grandmother but I have discovered when he is especially active or a bit agitated sometimes it actually helps him get calmer.

I am glad that things are going well for all of you and that you have some help too.

Anonymous said...

I came your blog during my random sojourn through the "next blog" button and wanted to let you know that I visited. You sound like you are such a good mommy!

Melissa H said...

SO glad that KC is in a better place now!!

Kristina Chew said...

Sounds like things are turning a corner! I think Charlie would be very puzzled too to see Jim "talking" to him on the computer screen----how long will College Boy stay with you?