Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Waiting For The Bus/Going To Visit The Dentist

K.C. had a great day today. On Friday he has a dentist appointment and we have been trying to prepare him as much as we can. He has been before, but screamed and cried a lot. This time I have pictures to show him of the Dentists office. He had work done on his teeth before, they were able to work on his teeth because he was given a shot that knocked him out right away. I know that he has at least 2 cavities and I am sure it's from me brushing his teeth so quickly. We have tooth brush battles every night and each morning. I tried buying one of those electric toothbrushes but it was too noisy and hurt his ears.

Big Brother's teacher made the comment that, "he is the only one in class who calls a diamond, Rhombus." I am still working with Big Brother at home as much as I can. For those of you who aren't familiar with Big Brother, he used to be homeschooled but now goes to a private school. He is doing well. He gets the giggles when he hears he word, " dodecahedron." I asked him to find it and told him it would be a challenge. He came home and said, "a soccer ball!"

Some more good news, last night K.C. and Big Brother actually ate together at the table without K.C. throwing ANY food or leaving the table. I am hoping it will happen again tonight so I can get a picture and laminate the thing. I think if I show him the picture of both boys sitting nicely and laminate it it will make a huge difference. I have to learn to be quick with the camera!


Sam I Am said...

What great news!!! I hope the dentist trip went well. And...I can truly relate to the dinner table. Sam completed a 12 week feeding program through his speech therapist this summer so we could get him to eat more foods and to be at the table with us a little longer. She gave us great language and things to use when it came to food throwing and such. I can share with you later if you want. But...the real point is the joy you get when you see your boys eating a meal together, and I am happy for you that you experienced it. May you have many more!

Lora said...

That is so great that the boys ate at the table together peacefully...Hooray! Griffin still has a hard time sitting at the table to eat at home, he does it at school and everywhere else but not at home. I guess that will change once we get to my parent's house and they can help me with him.