Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving friends :)

We are taking each day slowly. We left the country to be with family after my dad passed. My Grandmother flew with us and helped with the boys. The boys had a tough time adjusting but later loved running and playing outside. They played outside alot and to be honest I think the fact that there weren't all the electronic devices that kept them busy at home was good for them. Just good old fashioned playing.

KC is getting taller and is 1/2 shorter than Big Brother. He's catching up to his Big Brother! Adam is STILL getting taller, I am thinking this young man will be 6 feet soon. KC is much more tolerant these days, easy going mostly. He's still non verbal but now knows about 13 signs! Big Brother didn't like the trip as much and wanted to hurry home to see his friends. When we arrived at the airport to go home he was happy. He missed home. I missed it too but I needed to be with family or I would have lost it.

This Thanksgiving we all give thanks to our loved ones. Our families. The most important people in our lives.

We wish all of you a great Turkey Day! We will be blogging more soon :)