Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ABA, Starting Again

K.C.'s started his ABA therapy again:) For those of you who may not know, K.C. was doing ABA then stopped as I was trying to save money for a special Autism school in the fall for him. He is still going to go to the Autism school and do ABA. Family is helping with the cost thank God I am eternally grateful to them.
K.C. had a great first Monday mostly getting re acquainted with his therapist. He was very excited when she brought the states map he loves so much. We use the state map as a reward. He loves the map very much and searched the therapist with his eyes for the map as soon as she came through the door. It feels very right having him doing ABA again, a huge relief!
Big Brother went to a reading program at his school this evening with his Daddy. He is so happy that his Daddy is home and has stuck to him like glue, it sure makes me happy just seeing Big Brother happy.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Passover is just around the corner!

Passover is just around the corner! Thought this may bring a smile :)

I think this will be fine for Seder #2xx

Passover service for the impatient.

Opening prayers:Thanks, God, for creating wine. (Drink wine.)

Thanks for creating produce. (Eat parsley.)

Overview: Once we were slaves in Egypt. Now we're free. That's why we're doing this.

Four questions:1. What's up with the matzoh?2. What's the deal with horseradish?3. What's with the dipping of the herbs?4. What's this whole slouching at the table business?

Answers:1. When we left Egypt, we were in a hurry. There was no time for making decent bread.2. Life was bitter, like horseradish. 3. It's called symbolism. 4. Free people get to slouch.

< class="apple-style-span">A funny story: Once, these five rabbis talked all night, then it was morning. (Heat soup now.)

The four kinds of children and how to deal with them: Wise child-explain Passover.Simple child-explain Passover slowly.Silent child-explain Passover loudly. Wicked child-browbeat in front of the relatives.

Speaking of children: We hid some matzoh. Whoever finds it gets five bucks.

The story of Passover: It's a long time ago. We're slaves in Egypt. Pharaoh is a nightmare. We cry out for help. God brings plagues upon the Egyptians. We escape, bake some matzoh. God parts the Red Sea. We make it through; the Egyptians aren't so lucky. We wander 40 years in the desert, eat manna, ge t the Torah, wind up in Israel, get a new temple, enjoy several years without being persecuted again. (Let brisket cool now.)

The 10 Plagues: Blood, Frogs, Lice-you name it.

The singing of "Dayenu":If God had gotten us out of Egypt and not punished our enemies, it would've been enough.

If he'd punished our enemies and not parted the Red Sea, it would've been enough.

If he'd parted the Red Sea-(Remove gefilte fish from refrigerator now.)

Eat matzoh. Drink more wine. Slouch.

Thanks again, God, for everything.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Got Him!

This is rare everyone so look at these eyes while you have the chance! I actually got a photo of my little guy looking at the camera! Eye contact in this house is so rare with K.C. that when I did get a photo of him looking at me, I just stared at it. Seeing the photo of K.C. with eye contact is incredible to me because it made me feel like he was connected 100%. I have the feeling I'll be looking at this photo a lot.

K.C.'s Eczema is clearing up! He is still itchy but it's wayyyyy better! Hooray for Steroids? I never though Steroids were good for anything until they helped with K.C.'s Eczema.

K.C. has been eating these pizza's and he LOVES THEM! Did I mention he loves them? They are Soy cheese pizza's and the amazing this is the soy hasn't bothered him! Thank God I have found something he will eat! Let's hope he keeps eating them!

I rented Flushed Away from Blockbuster and K.C. loves the previews! Only the previews, not the movie. God Forbid we try to watch the movie.
Big Brother is doing well, he has been drawing alot in his free time. Tomorrow we may go hiking, the weather has been reasonable so far. 81 tomorrow so I am pretty sure we will go hiking.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

ABA and Autism School

ABA and Autism School****** Thinking alot about school and ABA these days. K.C. As many of you many already know that I have been homeschooling K.C. To be honest, it isn't going as planned. It is very hard to teach K.C., very very hard. What makes it hard is that I cannot tell if I am getting through to him or not. He stims and stims and stims. It's very hard to keep him focused as his attention span is about 3 seconds and then, finger flicking, three more seconds then more finger flicking. K.C.'s daddy says I must get him back into his ABA program and get him into school in the fall (I was going to do this). Money is a huge concern as ABA is extremely expensive but worth every penny! I wanted to send K.C. to a private Autism school in the fall so I gave up the ABA to save money for the school. I begged my Parents for help to pay for the ABA and they agreed (thank God, I am so grateful to them) Now we should be able to do both and get back on track with K.C. I just can't really teach K.C. It's hard because he has no words, cannot nod his head yes or no and his eye contact has gotten so rare I have to get on my knees and look up at him when I am sitting with him trying to teach him. I was hoping to get some kind of response from his eyes that yes, he may be picking up on what I am trying to teach him, but, it hasn't worked as he turns away from my eyes in a split second. Much to do with K.C.! He can learn, he is smart, but he needs a real teacher, ABA therapist etc. Let's pray the transition back into his ABA programs goes smoothly, I really believe it will:)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Park Pictures

Playing at that park with one itchy kiddo and one little boy who loves his dart gun!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thank You, To Everyone.

I am so thankful to you guys for the ideas on how to keep K.C. safe. Our kids are so fast, can open even the most difficult locks, it really is amazing. Thank you for sharing your escape stories with me. God is watching over our children, I am thanking God every second to have K.C. with us still.
I feel traumatized, totally traumatized.
K.C. is o.k. today, it's as if nothing ever happened.
It sure does take everything we got to care for our Autistic children, every ounce of energy, strength, patience and most of all love.
(((Hugs to you all))) Tina.

Friday, March 09, 2007

The Most Horrifying Day Ever.

This has been the most horrifying day of my life ever. I am still a nervous wreck and thanking God every moment we still have K.C. with us. This is how it started. Last night K.C. would not go to sleep until about 2:30 a.m. When he did get to sleep he woke again itching and itching at 4:00 this morning. I gave him the liquid the Dr. gave us to take by mouth which was for itching and supposed to make him very sleepy. I also put the cream on him for the Eczema but he was still awake when it was time for Big Brother to be off to school. Took Big Brother to school, K.C. fell asleep in the car and he actually walked into the house half asleep and headed for the sofa. He feel asleep. My Mom always told me, "when he sleeps you sleep so you can recharge." Well I did just that. I woke up about 15 minutes later and could not find K.C. I searched the house twice and then noticed the front door with a tiny bit of light coming through the crack and knew he had escaped. I ran out the door and looked in every direction and didn't see him. I ran back home and called 911 and told then I couldn't find him, he's Autistic, his name, what he was wearing. God I was so horrified my throat felt like it was closing and I couldn't breath. I cannot begin to tell you how many thoughts rushed through my mind. I stayed on the phone with the operator and told her there was a canal behind our condo to hurry to hurry and she said the police was looking as we were talking. A patrol car came and I signaled him. The officer stepped out and said we found a little boy about 7 years old with no clothes on near Dobson and Southern Rd. I thought he was dead I swear I did. He didn't bring K.C. to me but took me to where they had found him. There were three Police Cars and I seen K.C. standing with two male officers wearing an over sized t shirt and drinking a sunny delight. Before I could run over to him a female Officer asked me, "is that your son?" I said "yes" and she said he was found in traffic and a motorist had to stop to get out of his car and stop traffic from coming and another motorist took K.C. out of the traffic. The motorist took his shirt off and put it on K.C. and by that time neighbors had come out and the motorist who saved K.C. from getting killed on that street left. I thank God that motorist was there, I thank God he is still here with us tonight. God gave us a second chance. I thought about how I had named him Chance, my first son, my Autistic son. I could not find any words to tell the officer only tears. She was really letting me have. I deserved it I still deserve it, I feel now I don't deserve to have him because he almost got killed. I will never forgive myself ever. The male officers brought K.C. to me and K.C. just walked past me and was trying to walk to the flashing police lights. The female officer said, "he's getting away from you again." The male officer said he should have been wearing an I.D. bracelet. The officers drove us home and came inside with us and asked more questions. I did my best to explain that we were both taking a nap, we had been up most the night, I have the backyard pad locked shut, the front door has two locks on the inside and a security door on the outside. A total of four locks. The alarm WAS NOT ON. Last night College Boy went for his nightly run, when he came back I told him to be sure to lock the doors. I forgot to tell him to turn the alarm on. The alarm was off. The officer wrote as I explained and in the end she said she was forwarding this incident to a Detective and it would be up to him to decide if he wants to file Neglect charges against me. I was in shock. To think I could lose K.C. and send him to a foster home kills me. I was negligent. K.C. is my responsibility and I am supposed to protect him always. This is not going to happen again ever. The officer did tell me to go to Home Depot and buy these locks to put on each door. You have to have a key to get the lock open, only a key will open it. She said I would hear from a detective in about three weeks. Am I going to lose K.C.? Should I get a lawyer? Is there an Autism Advocacy group that can help if the Detective presses charges? I don't know what to do. I don't want to lose my son. I am getting an ID bracelet, I realized that when K.C. escaped he went the same direction we always take day after day and I should have known he would have went that direction as he hates to change routes. Thank God we are getting a second Chance. I am so grateful to the Motorist and to God.


Thursday, March 08, 2007


( My blog is going wacky tonight, my blogroll is at the bottom of the page, haven't a clue as to why)
We have finally found out why K.C. is stripping all the time. I should have known or been able to figure it out. I wrote a post awhile back called, "What is this?" It's here, http://autismschmatism.blogspot.com/2007/02/what-is-this.html I thought he was having a food allergy but I took him to the Dr. yet again and she said its Eczema. K.C. is still itchy and it even looks painful especially behind his knees. The itch won't stop because the Dr. said it's a flare up. The Dr. gave us some stuff called Dermatop, it's a topical steroid. I put it on K.C. tonight and he did not like it period. I am praying it helps soon cause the Dr. said it would leave scars. He has crusty looking spots right now and I could see how it would leave scars cause he picks and picks at the scabs, just pulling them off, (gross I know, sorry I am so graphic) If your kiddos start to itch and itch and their itching turns crusty and if you've tried Benadryl and all the other lotion and it isn't working it could be Eczema.
K.C. did something today as I helped him get dressed. Today I said, "pull pants up." He did it!!!!! He did it straight away and when I cheered him on, Pants up, good boy!" He smiled!!!! He's getting it. Before you know it he'll be doing it all by himself! When I put his shirt on, I'll just put his head through the shirt and his arms in. I leave the shirt up to his chest to see if he'll pull it down just right and he does. Little by little so he continues to try and not get frustrated. Frustration is the last thing we want cause he's trying hard and he's happy. During free time from homeschooling in the day K.C. has been watching Gumby. He picked Gumby out all by himself. He really seems to like the video. So when his skin gets better and the stripping his clothes off ends (I pray it ends when the Eczema gets better, that is until there is another flare up) he'll be able to go outside and bounce on his horse.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Help, K.C. won't stop running around in the nude!

K.C. has been taking his clothes off every single chance he gets! It has gotten so bad I do not know what to do. He's very fast when he takes his clothes and will do it anywhere. I took him shopping with me and right in the store he tried to take his clothes off. I stopped him but when I do stop him he screams at the top of his lungs and bites (not me but himself). I tried duct taping his diaper but he gets so angry that he bites and screams so much my ears are still ringing from earlier. How am I going to get him to keep his clothes on? The more I try and keep clothes on him the worse it gets. We have new neighbors that bought the condo next door and they can see into our backyard from upstairs. K.C. stripped his clothes off in the backyard and when I went outside to hurry him inside I noticed the new neighbor staring down into our backyard at us. K.C. screams, bites and this goes on for a good 1 1/2 until he's soaking wet with sweat from crying/screaming. I haven't changed detergents and he isn't wearing new clothes. I have noticed his hearing is sensitive (always sensitive but more so this week) too. I was sitting in the kitchen and saw K.C. run to the door and look out. I looked and saw nobody but about a minute later College Boy pulled into driveway. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get him to keep his clothes on? It's hard because he understands very little. I am keeping K.C. in the house during break times from homeschooling because he strips his clothes off in the backyard. I am going to go to Home Depot and ask the guys if there is something I can add to my fence to keep the new neighbors from peering down at us and watching K.C. Help I need ideas!