Sunday, January 21, 2007

What We Have Been Up To These Days.

We have been going up North (This time to the town of Payson) to spend the weekends in the snow. This is the third weekend in a row. My sister asked, "aren't you getting tired of all that snow?" I replied, "No way!" I know that in March it will start heating up here again, from March till at least November will be hot.

Since homeschooling my Chancinator, (K.C.) I have noticed he is smiling more, not crying as much, yes he cries at least 5 or 6 times a day everyday, real tears, not just whimpering. He has hasn't hurt his head since he's been home and is responding fairly well to the habilitation worker that has been helping teach him. 58 hours a month of habilitation is what Chance is allowed. Another thing I have noticed with Chance (K.C.) is that his energy level (mostly curiosity) has skyrocketed. He isn't covering his ears as much either.

For the very first time, Chance (K.C.) went to the very top of the playland equipment at McDonalds! Yes he really did, the very first time! Usually he'll just sit and watch and sometimes he'll sit near the bottom of the slide. But yesterday as we drove up north to spend the day in the snow we stopped at McDonalds to eat (I was praying Chance (K.C.) would handle it well) and he did. I must have sounded like a weird lunatic Mommy when my almost 6 year old son made it to the top of the playland! "Look, Look he's at the top, he did it! I looked and people were smiling. When Chance (K.C.) got to the top I waved my hand hoping he'd look down and he did. He looked perplexed but wasn't crying. It took him a bit to come down but he did it! Jayce (Big Brother) has been feeling icky this week didn't play or follow Chance. He had a fever :( I am taking him to the Dr. tomorrow. Just as we were about to leave McDonald's, Chance (K.C.) walked right up to a table that a Mom, Dad and child were sitting at. He went to grab their soda but I caught him and apologized to the people who said, "it's o.k." Chance (K.C.) did throw a fit and oh how I wished I was able to pick him up and carry him out quickly in times like that. But, I can't anymore, he's too darn heavy.

Another huge change for us, I am going to stop Chance's (ABA). Insurance will not help pay for it at all, not a cent. I made a trip to the pharmacy and brought Chance (K.C.) along. As I waited Chance got restless, there were chairs behind us, I motioned for him to "sit" and he did, only he dropped to the floor where he was standing and sat. Oh boy, you should have seen the looks on the people's faces that were waiting for prescriptions. I want to use the money we spend for ABA to get a tutor at home for Chance (K.C.) With the amount of money we were spending for ABA we should be able to find an excellent tutor who works with Autistic kids. Another factor, I am going to send Chance (K.C.) to private school in September. I will have two boys in private school and it's expensive.

Something that makes me very, very sad is this. I think about it everyday. What happens to the Autistic children whose Mom's and Dad's can't afford ABA or another therapy? Who will help them? Why doesn't insurance help? It makes me sick to death.


JUST A MOM said...


mcewen said...

Yup who needs a college fund anyway! And likewise, I can't imagine how people cope that do not have access to services for their children - perhaps they all move to Canada or Europe?
I wondered what you'd been up to [quiet] so now I know.

MileMasterSarah said...

I know the insurance thing. I am hoping Sandis qualifies for speech therapy at his school. My insurance won’t pay for speech therapy unless it is needed because of “organic” illness or because of a traumatic injury. I think that is just stupid. It is basically saying that if your child has autism they are not worthy of services. It makes me sick.

Sam I Am said...

You are NOT a weird lunatic mom. You have every reason to be excited for KC. You are right. He and Sam are a lot alike (McDonalds playplace). :) I hear ya on the insurance. Ours will not even cover OT any longer. Oh to be able to offer our little ones the services they truly deserve!!! Someday!! And you are right, it does make me sick to death too!

kristina said...

Great about the slide! What kind of training will the tutor have?

Sounds like homeschooling has been good..knock on wood!

kyra said...

oh, tina! i KNOW exactly what you mean. i think about that a lot. what happens to the kids who's parents can't afford the therapies and school situations they need? it's so upsetting to me. i am forever grateful that we are able to give fluffy what he needs.

congrats on SO MANY THINGS! on homeschooling kc for this time period, on his doing so much better, on his climbing on the mcd's playscape! on looking for a tutor! on sending your boys to a school you feel good about!