Thursday, January 25, 2007


"THERE IS NOTHING ONE CHILD WITH AUTISM CAN TEACH ANOTHER!!!!! If your child needs extra help or small group resource is the least restrictive environment where his peers are not socially and communicatively challenged. I think they actually do have a couple of programs now due to parental pressure but I would not put my child in one."

Hmmmm, this is what another Autism Mommy said to me in an email yesterday in regards to a program for K.
C. I thought about what she said all night long. The more I thought about it the more I felt offended in a way. I do realize she is trying to help and I appreciate any help I can get but something struck me as wrong about this statement. I should mention that this Mommy is also an RN , Autism Mommy, who works at an Autism Centre. The more I think about that statement the angrier I get. I mean what is she saying here? Is she saying the a child with Autism has absolutely nothing to offer another child with Autism? What about my son? This person knows that K.C. is non verbal, self injurious, what am I supposed to do? Should I just tell the school to toss him into a classroom full of regular kids and pray he makes it? K.C. needs to be in a self contained classroom and just because she thinks Autistic children have nothing to offer each other doesn't make it o.k. for me to deny him what he needs at this point in time. It's really strange because I was checking on different programs for K.C. (schools) and asked this lady for some advice because she does work at an Autism Center and "she's the person to talk to." She has never met or seen K.C. ever. I have only mentioned him briefly. I should take him to their office and let her meet K.C. and then ask her, "where shall I place him.?" When I corresponded with her through emails I tried to be courteous because I do appreciate any advice a person has to give especially someone who has worked with Autism kids for so long. Maybe I am missing the big picture here? Maybe she's right? My heart tells me, no freaking way! That's like saying all of your Autism kiddos have nothing to offer each other. I have one thing to say to that lady, "go to hell you stinking Autism child hater." I am so mad.
Big Brother is still sick, very sick. Tomorrow I have to take him back to the doctors office because they may admit him to the childrens hospital. The doctors don't know what is wrong with him. He isn't eating, just sleeps, runs a very high fever, without Motrin. He's been taking Augmentin, 600 mg. twice a day and it hasn't done the trick. I am picking their daddy up from the airport early tomorrow morning. I am very worried about Big Brother. He has never been this sick and to top it off he is worrying himself to death over germs. He cries a lot which he never does. I have kept K.C. away from him as much as possible because of the biting incident and I don't want him sick too. We shall see what the doctor says tomorrow. Pray that Big Brother is o.k. and gets better soon. My heart is totally broken to see him sick the poor little guy. I have been laying down with him every spare second I get.


mcewen said...

Good grief! You're in at the deep end again!
I'll keep my comment brief and is addressed to the person who said that 'one couldn't learn from an autistic child.' That's not a direct quote, but the essence of the thing.
I would suggest that you, and I, and quite a few other people, including children, have learned a great deal from our [and other people's] autistic children. So......whoever told you that was........mistaken.
Best wishes

Lora said...

I totally agree with you about what that woman said, she is so wrong and it saddens me that she can work in an autism center and say something like that. I sure hope that my child's teacher doesn't have an opinion like that! My child has a lot to offer other children and so does yours. I mean, just for them to be near each other and play alongside each other is beneficial. How dare she say something like that, I feel insulted and I can see how you would too. I sure do hope and pray for Big Brother to feel better real soon. I hate that he is so sick and crying it breaks my heart too. Do you show him that you are sanitizing everything so that it helps with his fear of germs? I feel bad for him and I am thinking that if he sees you sanitizing that it might help calm his fears of germs. I know that you are doing you absolute best because you are an awesome mommy. You are the best mommy I know and I give you tons of kudos for dealing with all that is on your plate. We love you bunches and I will pray for Jayce to heal quickly and once again have a beautiful smile upon his face.

MileMasterSarah said...

I'll keep you and your big guy in my prayers. It is so no fun to be sick!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh Tina.. what a terrible lot on your plate right now!

First off I hope Jayce is doing better. You're both in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated with his condition.

Secondly, I know from talking to Jenn that her son Matthew benefitted TREMENDOUSLY from sessions he had with another autistic boy where they practised social responses with one another. Of couse KC has things to teach and not just to other autistic kids either. That lady is whacked.



JUST A MOM said...

hang in there your gunna find more stupid people like this in yoru life.

Melissa H said...

Just reading this post, Tina, and I have to say that I am so sad that you had to hear such stupidity come out of the mouth of someone who is supposed to be an "expert". Then again, don't forget the wonderful "expert" teacher that my son just put up with for 5 months. Pure ignorance. Not only can autistic children learn from other autistic children, but we can ALL learn something from EVERYONE, from the oldest to the youngest.

kristina said...

What I've learned from my autistic child---and so many other children----could fill a couple of novels.