Wednesday, January 17, 2007

School & Shopping

K.C. was quite the daydreamer today, even while shopping I had to shuffle him along. I am still making changes, many changes to K.C.'s schedule now that we will be homeschooling. His habilitation worker and I are in the process of organizing what K.C. will be working on during the day. His days will be working with me, habilitation worker and ABA. Speech is just twice a week so that will be easy to fit in. I have been thinking of Noah's Mommy a lot these days and how she is teaching beautiful Noah Life Skills. I think it's so very important that I try my best to teach K.C. some life skills. He needs a lot of help in this area. He can take his clothes off but can not put them on. He struggles to get dressed even with help I have to guide his hands. I do try my best to get him to help himself as much as he can. Like if we are going to go somewhere I will say, "K.C. get shoes on." He will not look toward the shoes at all. He just looks straight ahead as if he has no clue. I always walk him over to his shoes and say, "shoes on" and help him pull his shoes on. Potty training is another area we can really work on now that he is home schooled. Sometimes K.C. will learn something and then we will never see it again. Working on using a spoon is another, he just can't seem to scoop with the spoon and bring the food to his mouth without it falling all over the place. He gets very frustrated and sometimes knocks the food to the floor. When he does this I always have him pick up as much of the mess as he can and help him (hand over hand) to throw it in the trash can. Life skills is a brilliant idea that Noah's Mommy has for him. I am hoping that K.C. will be able to concentrate better now that there are very little distractions. I do feel very good about homeschooling, very excited. I want to teach K.C. numbers and letters, shapes, sorting etc.


Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Hi Tina:

You might try making a picture schedule for K.C. of the things you want to do each day. There is a sample on my website There is also a wonderful planner designed by Tom Keating at Eugene Research. I believe you can still download it for free. I will get you the link and email it to you. Regarding tasks like shoes there are times that Billy Ray can't receive the verbal cues so I bring him one shoe and start. Then he can follow the task.


mcewen said...

ooo I hate the 'does it once' and never to be repeated scenario.
Getting dressed has always been a HUGE to do around here, but for us [them] it's because it encompasses so many of their core deficits = sequencing, ideation, gross and fine motor etc., etc., etc.,
What does help [for mine] is laying all their clothes out in the right order on the floor, the right way up etc.
If you ever want to discuss potty training would take toooooo long.
Best wishes

Melissa H said...

Have I mentioned how awesome of a mom I think you are??!?