Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Boys When They Were Little Fellas.

My boys when they were babies. K.C. (Chance) had blond hair, as he got older it got darker (sigh). Big Brother (Jayce) is always saying, "he looks like an elf Mom!" Big Brother is a funny kiddo. In the picture above K.C. is 18 months old. I don't have the date on the back of Big Brother's pic :( Still, he's got the same smile and cute dimple. It wasn't too long after the picture above of K.C. that we thought he was deaf. He didn't respond to us at all.
Big Brother went to the Dr's yesterday because he is still sick and completely out of his mind over "germs." He had 103 fever all night long and has held that fever for about three days now. The doctor sent us for blood work yesterday and Big Brother did very well. He didn't cry or anything. He looked scared but I reassured him and kept him on my lap while they did the blood work. He hasn't been to school because of the sickies. Today we should know the results of the blood work. The doctor wants to check for Valley Fever and Strep. She did do a quick strep in the office and it was o.k. but she said 95 percent of the time it's accurate but, let us take his throat swab to the lab with us to speed up the process to see if the lab may see strep that the doctors office didn't. I am worried about him. Yesterday I thought K.C. was trying to show Big Brother a sign of sympathy because he went right up to his back and put his head down on Big Brother's back. I thought oh my gosh! Look Big Brother he loves you! Then out of the clear blue sky K.C. bit him on the back. Oy vay. Didn't see that one coming in a million years. So I had a crying Big Brother. Poor kiddo. I brought K.C. over to him and held his arm so he would stay and said, "Big Brother is hurt, you hurt him, you bit him, he's sad and crying, naughty boy!" I was angry with K.C. K.C. was angry with us because he screeched an ear piercing screech after I said that and broke away from us. I am watching him carefully today. Looking back I wonder if I should have said anything at all to K.C.? I wonder if he will bite again because I made a fuss over the bite? I had to say something. Big Brother gave me the look that needed no words, "hey Mom you aren't letting him get away with that one, say something, punish him!!" Hopefully today will be bite free. I don't think he'll do it again.


JUST A MOM said...

POOR BIG BROTHER! I hope the bite was just a one time deal. hang in there

MileMasterSarah said...

Sandis bit Gracie once. Well more than once. He bit her on the back like four or five times and left big red welts where he bit her. He hasn’t bit her since, I made such a fuss. It actually freaked me out because he had bitten her and almost broken the skin in a few places. It is hard regulating between two children, especially if one child perceives that you are treating the other different. I sure hope he doesn’t bite again, for everyone’s sake! It is a hard thing to deal with.

Melissa H said...

Oh, poor big brother! I hope that he feels better SOON! I love the pictures of the boys when they were little. Conor had the same outfit that KC has on. I just loved those one piece snuggly outfits. :-)
I wonder if KC was trying to show some sort of affection to Jayce by biting him. I know it seems weird to us, but don't forget that our guys like rough touches. Maybe, in his own way, he was trying to show Big Brother that he cares? :-) Hang in there, Tina!

Lora said...

Big Brother is so brave and such a big boy to have his blood work done. I hate it for him that he was bitten by K.C. poor guy. I can't believe that Blogger is letting me comment on your blog!!! Yipee!! Hey, we love you guys and can't wait to hear from you. Hope that Jayce gets to feeling all better soon.