Sunday, December 31, 2006

Successful Shopping Trip!

Took both boys shopping today! It was a total success, K.C. listened to the word, "no no" I mean actively listened! He is beginning to learn the word, "stop." I could tell it registered with him today as we walked back to our car. I said, "stop" and he slowed down and I put my hand on the back of his shoulder and said, "stop" and he did! We drive a little further to the market now to avoid sliding doors and it's helped tons! I let K.C. open a frozen food door because he kept looking at a Kids Cuisine Corn Dog dinner thing. He looked and looked so I asked him, "you want to eat this?" He just looked on but I handed it to him and walked him to the cart and told him to, "put in." When we got home I thought he wanted to eat it but it wasn't the food he wanted. It was the small print on the box he was fascinated with. He didn't want the food so Big Brother ate it. I should have known because he is in love with the 20th Century Fox logo and the Playstation Logo. He will stare and stare at these logos for the longest time. It's New Years Eve and Big Brother has asked to watch the Timesquare WebCam. There is a block party in our town but I don't like to take the boys out on New Years, I am totally afraid of drunk drivers. Tomorrow I am going to try to take the boys to the park. I will feel a little safer tomorrow after some of the New Years parties are over. Hope you all have a very safe New Years with your loved ones:)


Anonymous said...

someone else who drives extra miles to avoid 'electric doors.! Do you think the environmentalists will forgive us?
Cheers and Happy new year

Kristina Chew said...

happy, happy new year, to you, KC, Big Brother, and your family-----so glad to know you and to be walking this long road through Autism land together.

JUST A MOM said...

wow your sister is so BRAVE not me!!!!!! Hope your night was a good one, enjoy the park tomorrow. At some point in this year we have to meet up. I am going to go back and really catch up on your life here.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

What a wonderful gift to be able to go shopping all together.



Anonymous said...

Today we went to Target instead of Walmart because Sandis told me that he doesn't think he will be ready for Walmart until he is 11. I'm okay with that. I've been changing where I shop for as long as I can remember because of Sandis!