Monday, December 25, 2006

First Christmas Party for Big Brother

Do you remember me blogging about the Christmas Party Big Brother was invited too? His teacher invited him and he has never been or had a Christmas before cause we are Jewish. We have been reading about the holiday to better prepare Big Brother before he went. He was really excited. I had always taught Big Brother that there are different religions, beliefs etc. and that we must always respect each others beliefs. Well I don't know what happened. Big Brother is very stubborn when he believes something to be 'right.' He just won't leave it alone. His teacher said things kinda went downhill when they sat down to eat. They prayed-and when everyone opened their eyes Big Brother stood there, mouth hanging open. It upset him because he said, "they made God seem small, they were praying through someone else!" I understood how this is different than we pray at home. I picked him up a little earlier than expected. His teacher was very understanding as she knows how strong willed Big Brother is. I am proud that he had listened to our prayers over the years and how he has really listened to me when I tell him stories / read from the Torah. I do need to help him to be more understanding and respectful of others religions and folks feelings. I expect it will come with age, as he gets a little older he will understand more. 6 1/2 is young:) K.C. is doing better, he has been watching the cartoon, Charlottes Web. He loves when the rat eats everything he can find at the fair. He'll watch that part over and over again.
Big Brother doesn't look very happy in the photos :(
I hope you all are having a safe holiday and having lots of family fun!


JUST A MOM said...

POOR BABY it is hard thinking out of YOUR own box, thinking there can be something different then you know at that age. Hope your weekend was nice. go from 50;s to 75 niceeeeeeeee NOT!

Kristina Chew said...

Great going, Big Brother---hope the Charlotte's Web movie in theaters becomes available soon so KC can watch it; Charlie saw it today wiht my parents.

Thanks for your unwavering spirit!