Monday, December 04, 2006

Dentist Tomorrow

The Dentist office called today and said there was a cancellation! This means that K.C. can get his teeth worked on tomorrow (Tuesday). His teeth on the bottom are very jagged looking with big spaces between each tooth. He also has two cavities. I know his bottom teeth suffered a lot from his chewing. He used to chew so much when he was smaller that he destroyed the arm of our couch. Chewed through the fabric, clear down to the wood. The Anesthesiologist said to not give him anything to eat 8 hours before we come in to the office. He also said not to brush his teeth because he might swallow water. Our appointment is at 11:00 a.m. It's going to be incredibly hard to keep him from eating or drinking. I am worried about the Anesthesia, he will be knocked out completely. If you can, say an extra little prayer for K.C. tonight:)
Daddy is home! I am so glad I won't be alone at the dentist office with K.C., I would worry myself to death.
We were so busy today with K.C., he had two therapy
sessions almost back to back. He did well!
Big Brother has been looking at books with K.C. a lot! You can see in the photo that K.C. looks very interested. Big Brother noticed that K.C. turns the pages "funny."
It is really cooling off here at night and in the daytime, finally! Now if it would just snow up north we could take both boys. I have been checking t
he weather forecast each day but no snow yet :(

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Melissa H said...

I will keep you, Daddy and KC in my prayers tonight. Put your faith in the Lord. He is the Father of our children and we are but caretakers on this earth! :-)