Friday, December 08, 2006


Last night I took Big Brother to a concert the older children at his school were having. He really wanted to go, so we headed out a little early so that we could get good seats. It was mostly children singing Christmas songs. It was nice. K.C. stayed at home with his Daddy. His Dad sent me a text message saying that K.C. has been screaming every other few minutes and wanted to know what it meant and what he should he do? I told him about the cartoon that does the screaming, I have wrote about it here on this blog. It's under "Imitating" in the previous posts. K.C. was still screaming this morning, every other few minutes. It's loud and it's long. I haven't let Big Brother watch that cartoon when K.C. is near. I am trying to get him to forget about that cartoon because he's screaming alot these days. He still has no words. Not one. I swear I heard him say "ma ma" once but never again. I want to be able to take K.C. with Big Brother and I almost everywhere we go. We are really working hard on taking K.C. places. Places with no sliding doors for now.


mommyguilt said...

Hey Tina - Breathe. I can imagine how frustrated you must be. Hang in, keep doing what you're doing. In the meantime, just keep breathing.

Kristina Chew said...

A boy in one of Charlie's previous classrooms screamed like that. They did a whole ABA program to help him get it under control. Maybe he has some pain in his mouth after the dentist visit?

Anonymous said...

you know Noah used to do things like that too. In fact he still makes all sorts of noises......and bursts of noises...I just tell him and remind him (and it works pretty well) that when he is out in public....he cannot make all those sounds.....he can only do it at home and usually in his own room with the door shut. I don't want to stop him from doing this as he physiologically seems to need to do it......and it calms him.......but....I want him to learn there is a time and place for it....which in turn will help him control it a bit. He has done very well since making it an "at home only and in your room preferably" deal. hahah