Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ewwww, it's really weird.

Big Brother said, "Ewwww, it's weird!" That is what he said when he saw the Tickle Me Elmo his Daddy brought back from California. Big Brother insisted I keep the darn thing in the closet last night. Somehow after I put the little Elmo in his closet, "in the very back of the closet" the thing started laughing when Big Brother was trying to go to sleep. He ran out of his room so fast! He looked terrified. Today Elmo is in a different room. K.C. will look at the box (sorta looks unsure and creeped out) but if I dare to take Elmo out he'll scream his head off until I put him back. I think Elmo's kinda cute:)


JUST A MOM said...

Hey elmo can get to ya sometimes. Thanks for stopping by, I am at baseline and rural. ttoo funny I have met a couple bloggers, Val my friend lived in Ohio and I started talkign to her she was in the middle of moving out here. They are in suprise. I was born in Michigan and moved out here with my husband 20 years ago. I HATE IT!! well ok I miss the seasons and the snow. Sorry this is so long. Your boys are beautiful. I have 5 girls well my life is long, but I have 3 teens in my home now, scarry! I will be stopping by more, who knows at some point even meet. Have a great night , Jaye

Penny L. Richards said...

My son was scared of Tickle Me Elmo too, and Rock 'n' Roll Elmo now that I think of it. He likes vibration, and turns out it wasn't the sound, though that startled him some--it was the RED FUR. Thinking about it, it kinda makes sense--red fur *is* a bit disturbing!