Sunday, December 17, 2006

Zoo Lights and Hanukkah

The boys got Zoo Lights tickets from their grandparents as a gift. I took both boys to see Zoo Lights last night. K.C. did well, he even waited in line, got anxious but
managed to keep it together bouncing back and forth on his feet. There were many people at the zoo, I was terrified I would lose one of the boys so I had each boy, one to the left, one to the right. K.C. Seemed to really like the lights of the animals. He got very scared when he spotted some folks wearing glow sticks around their necks. Big brother had a hat on his head that flashed but when he turned the flasher on K.C. got scared so Big Brother shut it off. We have been celebrating Hanukkah, Big Brother is a firebug if I don't watch carefully. K.C. will sit at the table if we allow him to stick all the candles in the Menorah (supposed to put one at a time for each day) but K.C. loves putting them in and then taking them out. I let him do it but also tried to show him the proper way. I was just glad that he looked very happy and was participating! Big Brother helped make Latkes and did a great job! Big Brother and I sang songs and even got a big smile from K.C.! Big Brother played Dreidel and I sat in and tried to get K.C. to play as well but he was more interested in snatching the Gelt and lining it up in the living room floor. K.C. is feeling better and I am so relieved!


JUST A MOM said...

wow the zoo lites. my 17 year old has gone with her friend in the past she loved it. Glad KC is feeling better. Isn't it great how the brothers and sisters seem to just know how to deal. Hope you have a great week.

Anonymous said...

that hat and child is adorable! haha