Saturday, November 11, 2006

Visiting cousin Linh.

I took these photos with my camera phone, don't know why they look blurry.

Since there was no school yesterday I took the Boys to visit Linh Linh. Linh Linh is their cousin, she is now 5 years old. Taking K.C. to visit Linh has been tough in the past and this time was no different. K.C. refused to go inside. I asked Linh Linh if she would like to go for a ride with us and she said, "yes!" So, we walked back to the car (K.C.was glad to walk back to the car) and Linh Linh hesitated to get in. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "he's weird I don't want to sit next to him he's scary!" So Big Brother sat in the middle and off we went! I took a quick glance in the mirror and noticed K.C. was all smiles and commented to Linh, "gosh Linh, just look at K.C. he's so happy to see you!" She looked and smiled. Linh has always been kinda scared of K.C. K.C. can be very loud with his eeeeee's and sometimes he does things with his hands that look well, just plain weird. We are with K.C. everyday and are used to what K.C. does and I did my very best to eplain to Linh why K.C. is the way he is.

We wound up at a Carniceria. Big Brother loves this market because it is a market but it also has a small food court. Big Brother wanted a Carne Asada and Linh wanted a chicken taco. We walked around the market and came back a little later to pick up our order. K.C. was doing fantastic walking along side the cart and loved looking around the store. We walked over to the canned food section and K.C. made a beeline ahead of us. He spotted tuna in cans of all things plopped down on the floor and started lining them up. I knew if I stopped him before he could finish lining them up he would have a major fit. So we let him line them up. There were 12 cans in all (thank God there were only 12) and it took him little time to line them up. As soon as he was on the 12th can and had set it down, I signed and said, "finished" took his hand and walked on. I turned to look at Big Brother and just as always he was putting K.C.'s masterpiece back on the shelf wih Linh's help. I walked K.C. directly in front of me so he couldn't see the kiddos messing up his line. I have got to really really work on K.C.'s line thing. He is doing so well in the stores these days except for the need to line up.

We picked up our food and paid. On the way out of the store K.C. hurried as he always does (he can spot our car almost right away and when he sees it he'll bolt from me if I don't have his hand. )

Put the kiddos into the car and handed K.C. a PECS photo of the fast food restaurants. Big Brother sitting next to him looking on took K.C.'s hand and said in a louder voice, "Mcdonald's Mom" Big Brother was using K.C.'s hand to poke at McDonalds. We went straight to McDonalds and got K.C. fries. He was happy. I told him "McDonalds French Fries" before handing them to him.
It was a great day and the best part is Linh Linh was smiling at K.C. and looked not so scared. Big Brother is my little trooper, understanding, loving and the best Brother to K.C.


mommyguilt said...

Big Brother is one great kiddo! It's so wonderful to see how much he loves KC and takes care of him and watches out for him! YOU are an awesome mom!

Lora said...

Ditto to what Christina said, you are an awesome mom.You are so patient with K.C. and so is Big Brother. It is always so apparent to me how much Big Brother loves and cares for K.C., he is a very compassionate and understanding Big Brother. You have done such a great job in raising them Tina. You ought to be very proud of them. ~Hugs~