Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tree and the Store

K.C. and I went shopping yesterday. I have been taking him almost everywhere I go. College Boy has taken him to the store twice, along with Big Brother. The only catch is. K.C. will not ride in any car other than our car no matter what. Still, it was a huge step for K.C. to go with a different driver, Big Brother was encouraging him to come along to the store the whole time. It's funny cause Big Brother's encouraging sounded like he was calling a puppy to the car, "Come on, come on K.C. , get in, come on!" It was too cute and it worked! College Boy was all smiles. There is just something about College Boy (maybe it's his age and fun attitude) that the boys love.
Back to our day (K.C. and I) of shopping yesterday. I helped K.C. peel the photo of "shopping' from his chart and off we went. He held onto the photo in the car, I glanced at him and seen him look at the photo quite a few times. I know it's clicking, he looks at the photo of "shopping" and some of the worried look disappears. When we arrived at the store, I helped him unfasten his belts and off we went. As soon as we were about to go through the doors, well as soon as we stepped down the doors slid open. K.C. then tried to pull the doors shut. He couldn't because everytime he stepped or moved away the door would either open or close and it made him panic. He dropped to the ground and screamed. I pulled him to his feet and said "walk" a few times and we did, just not inside the the store yet. We walked around outside, K.C. still crying, trying to see the door that I got him away from. We walked about ten minutes. He then pulled me in the direction of the door and I knew he was ready to go in. I walked him quickly past the door and got out of the doors view once inside. He did stop crying. What a relief, I was worried. I thought "oh, no, we have worked so hard, please let this be a one time thing." Once inside he looked all around and noticed a very big Christmas tree display. He pulled me toward the tree (yep he didn't bolt from me to get to the tree) as we got near the tree I let his hand go and he stared at it for about 5 minutes. K.C. hasn't seen Christmas trees. It's really been just this year that I have been able to take him to different stores other than the dollar store. So the tree was really the very first time he has seen one, (other than t.v.) It was pretty and I told him, "oh pretty tree." He looked perplexed! We then moved on and as I picked up what we needed I handed it to him and he "put in" the cart. It has to land in the cart laying flat or he'll keep reaching over into the cart to straighten it. It can drive him batty if it doesn't land in that cart flat. I bet I had the most organized cart in the store. We got to the candy section (wasn't buying candy but soda on the opposite side of the candy) and K.C. stood with his back to the candy looking out of the corner of his eyes. It was strange, it looked like he was trying to hide from someone. I took his hand to move him along and he wouldn't budge. So I waited about two minutes and he started walking again. I should have kept him moving along. We finished up, waited in line and I kept him close so he wouldn't touch the person in front of me. He did very well! Never touched the candy next to us, (I am never going to pick up candy when I am in line with K.C.) that would be horrible if he thought he was going to get candy everytime we waited in line.) He does like Skittles though!
He did a super job! I am so proud of him! He's learning to go shopping and each time I take him he does better and better! It's a huge relief!

This is a photo of Big Brother having his afternoon soup. When he gets home from school and changes out of his uniform he must have his soup!

K.C. and the candy section.

My toothless boy, gosh this kids teeth are falling out so fast!


mommyguilt said...

Oh and can just imagine the awe in his face when he was gazing on the tree. How absolutely precious. Great job at the store and in the car with different drivers KC! Tina, fabulous job handling the door meltdown. You're amazing!

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion.....electric doors should be banned! I aim to start my own personal campaign to stick used chewing gum on their little electric eyes! [translation = torture of inanimate gadgets] Not that British people would deign to do anything quite as disgusting of chewing chewing gum! [in public]

Kristina Chew said...

Great going KC! He really is doing great with shopping in stores, especially in the big ones. The lights, the doors, all the merchandise----it is overwhelming to everyone. I know the feeling of hoping that something you wish were not happening would only happen this one time....hope this is so.