Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Mom can we go for a walk?"

Big Brother asked, "Mom can we go for a walk?" I had just gave Big Brother Tylenol and had to make a late night trip to Walgreens because Tylenol Suspension liquid is so thick it made K.C. throw up. I bought Children's JR. strength Motrin, no flavors added just plain old Motrin in tablet form and K.C. took it right away.
So, we went for our walk, College Boy came along as well. We took a walk along Tempe Town Lake, there sure were alot of airplanes flying over, you see, the airport is just on the other side of the lake.
We walked the same route we have in the past, K.C. making sure we stayed on he very same path, lol. Big Brother was scared to death K.C. was going to fall in the lake when he sat down near the edge of the water, Big Brother ran over to him immediately.
We got two snow cones, last year K.C. would hold the snow cone cup but this year he couldn't tolerate it in his hands. I gave it to him but he sat it down immediately and tried to 'wipe off' the snow cone from his hands, his hands never got dirty, but he was still wiping away. College Boy held it for him and he drank a little.
We didn't stay too long at the lake and left after about an hour. We got into the car and left for another familiar location. Got out of the car and walked up a ramp that goes to a long bridge, just below is the freeway. It's really pretty but K.C. couldn't tolerate the noise so we headed back to the car when he started crying an covering his ears.
Both boys fell asleep not long after we got home. Can't wait for cooler weather! It's suppose to be in the 90's this week. ;( We would walk alot if it were only cooler!


mommyguilt said...

It's certainly cool here in Chicago. I'm glad that you and the guys are still able to spend that time outside, but I can remember (in the summer with my melted candle), begging for the relief of cooler weather - now I'm sick of it already.

The pics are wonderful. The Green Day - memories that make me all teary eyed. Great choice, though! Hugs to everyone!

Sam I Am said...

I too just love stopping by so I can hear "Time of your life", but mostly to see the adorable pictures of two special brothers. Teary eyed my way too!!!