Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Walk To The Park

I took the boys for a walk today to the park. K.C. did not want to go at all but Big Brother wanted to go for a walk, so, off we went. K.C. fussed quite a bit and Big Brother said, "maybe we should take him home cause he's sad." I could tell Big Brother really wanted to stay at the park even though he said nothing. I told Big Brother we would walk a bit more and hopefully K.C. will pull himself together and he did after about 40 minutes. He sat and drank a soda and watched Big Brother play. It always amazes me that there can be a playground with kids playing and having a blast but K.C. won't budge and prefers watching the tree tops blow in the breeze. He likes the simple things, trees blowing, birds flying and cars driving by. He could watch the tree tops for the longest time. He was like that as a baby as well.

I wonder if K.C. knows that he is Autistic/different than the other kids? I seen a video awhile back of an Autistic little boy maybe 8 years old who had some language. He could tell you his name followed by, "I have Autism." I don't know if a Parent or Therapist taught him to say that. If K.C. had language, I don't know if I would teach him to say that or not. I mean, would he really understand what he had said or would it just be to help the public understand he is Autistic? I am certain K.C. has heard the "A" word a million times from me, teachers, therapists etc. I wonder if it makes him feel bad?

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That first picture is divine, so touching!