Friday, November 10, 2006

Computer Learning Games

K.C.'s teacher reported he had a great day today but wasn't happy at all bout Adaptive P.E. It's a change in schedule and its going to take sometime for him to get used to. With K.C. getting used to something new is easier said than done. It almost always involves screaming for what seems like forever and dropping to the ground, sometimes head meeting floor ;(. She also reported he loved computer time today and his teacher said he was laughing so much he was snorting! I am trying to find a good computer game he would like to watch Big Brother play at home. He can't work the mouse at all and I have been trying lots of hand over hand with him but he isn't coordinated enough to use the mouse. He loves to watch someone use the computer, if anyone knows of a great learning computer game, we would love to hear about it.
The photo above is of different fast food restaurants in our area. I am going to get it blown up real big for K.C. and see how he does with picking where he would like to eat. I am hoping he begins to understand he has choices and that the PECS photos mean something.
No school today for the boys.


Nicole said...

I've posted a few times on your site. If you remember, I work with kids with autism. I recently did a research study on Video Modeling. Video Modeling involves taping an adult or child performing a task(e.g., hand washing, stacking blocks, saying hi), then the child with autism watches the video. The study found that some kids respond better to the video (i.e., learn the skill faster) than they do to direct instruction from a teacher. If KC really likes the computer, you could play videos on it and he might pick up the skills.

There are companies that make videos. I worked with a family who used Or you could create your own designed to meet KC's needs (e.g., he might be interested to watch his brother, or there might be specific skills you want him to learn).

mcewen said...

We've been at home today too. Super graphics on your site.
Best wishes

Lora said...

I think that what Nicole suggested is a great idea. I know that Griffin picks up a lot from his videos maybe even more than I have tried to teach him ie...learning to sing a song in Spanish or how to count backwards etc...I think that enlarging that picture with the restaurant choices is an excellent idea. Way to go Tina, you're doing an awesome job girl!!! Love and Hugs to all three of you.