Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Trip To The Dentist

K.C. had a Dentist appointment today at 9 a.m. As much as I tried to prepare him for it (with pictures) he was NOT a camper. He did o.k. in the waiting room but once we got in the exam room he lost it totally. We couldn't get any x rays and the Dentist was only able to look in his mouth with a little mirror very quickly with two people holding his feet and arms. He has two small cavitites and needs a cleaning badly. Doesn't surprise me a bit cause he'll struggle the whole time I try to brush his teeth. We are going back on January 2nd to have his teeth filled/cleaned. Can you believe it takes that long? The Dentist said she would have to have him knocked completely to get the work finished.

K.C.'s teacher says he loves the computer at school. She is using the Reader Rabbit Toddler program to try and teach him to use the mouse. The good thing about this program is that you don't have to click and drag, you can strike any key on the keyboard and it will work!

Big Brother is doing great in school and is reading SuperFudge by Judy Blume. He is half way through the book and is glued to it! He read some parts out loud last night and it's a funny book. It's mostly about a Big Brother who has a pesky little brother name "Fudge."


mcewen said...

If you ask around you'll probably find that there is a pediatric dentist who specialized in children with special needs. Perhaps your pedicatrian can give you some names.
Best wishes

Lora said...

That is so cool that K.C. likes the computer at school and that program works well for him. Big Brother is such an intellegent young man. K.C. is too as a matter of fact. You are such the awesome mommy Tina, kudos to you girl! ~Hugs~

Anonymous said...

I hear you--my son required several adults to hold him down and a speculum in his mouth to allow even a peek in there. The dentist didn't dare try to do anything without scheduling a day surgery, with anesthesia--we did those about once a year, they did xrays, cleanings, fillings, crowns, whatever had to be done. It was expensive, and anesthesia is always a risk to consider, but it did mean he was getting thorough dental treatments without the trauma of an office thrash.

Anonymous said...

Oh I remember superfudge.. I enjoyed it tremendously too! You should see if you can find any of The Great Brain series by John Fitzgerald.. I just LOVE LOVE LOVED them when I was a kid.. and I'm tempted to find them again as an adult.. They're hillarious!

The other me said...

We had to pin Isaac down at the dentist and she only got to look quickly because he opened his mouth to scream! Its awful that we just can't help them understand that this is OK.

Anonymous said...

You aren't alone. Charlie is having dental work done under general anesthesia in April. Fortunately we have a dental school nearby with a researcher/dentist who specializes in doing dentistry on kids with autism. But it is a long wait. I just hope that the cavities don't get too much worse by April. Also, when they knock him out I am having them do sealants all the way around on his permanent molars for preventative care.