Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Big Brother watches a cartoon called, "Xiaolin Showdown." K.C. is usually wandering about when the cartoon is on. Yesterday I had figured something out! K.C. makes a lot of noises, some are hard to describe, but there is one noise he makes that sounds like he may have actually heard but I could never figure out what it was. He does the noise alot during the day and it goes like this, "AHHHHHHH." He starts the noise early in the morning and it goes on throughout the day. Well when Big Brother was watching his cartoon, (the opening theme song) I stopped in my tracks because the noise K.C. has been making was from that cartoon! There is a scene in the cartoon where they are "about to battle" as Big Brother says and just before it happens you can here an, AHHHHHH! All along that noise meant something to K.C. So, I went to YouTube and found it and played it just to be sure and sure enough, K.C. waited for the AHHHHH as the little characters battled in mid air. He was smiling the whole time and for the rest of the day and including very early this morning we heard AHHHHHH many many many times! Now we need to figure out how to turn the AHHHHHH into some words! Mahhhh Mahhhhh would be nice!


mommyguilt said...

Great detective work on the translation! "Ahhhhhhhhh," as in relief would also be a good way to use that sound for him.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lora said...

That is so cool that K.C. is imitating like that. Christina is right, that is great detective work. I hope that you have a happy Thanksgiving filled with joy and smiles and full bellies...lol.
Big hugs from us, we love you guys!