Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Sickies

Big Brother came home with a fever on Friday and red spots have started to appear in the back of his throat. This morning K.C. had a fever as well. I am giving both boys Tylenol and taking them to the Ped on Monday if they are not better. Big Brother says his throat hurts, "really bad." I don't know if K.C.'s throat hurts or not.
My Mother ordered Nickelodeon magazines for both boys and they finally came in the mail today! K.C. LOVES this magazine so much he sat so nicely at the table with Big Brother and flipped through the pages studying each and every detail on the pages! Big Brother wanted to trade with K.C. and asked him, "can I see your magazine now, you can look at mine?" K.C. didn't make any moves so Big Brother reached over slowly and swapped with him with no problem!! K.C. didn't cry because of the change or anything. He was so into the magazine! I am so proud of both boys!! How is that!!

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Kristina Chew said...

You should be proud--great going KC! Hope he does not get sick and get well soon to Big Brother.