Friday, August 03, 2007

All Is Well :)

All is well. We have been hoping for more rain since we are now in "monsoon season." It has rained here only once (a really good rain, not just sprinkles.)
K.C. is doing well, he's been happy this week and I am very thankful. He's been doing his ABA sessions as best as he can, now wanting and keeping his eyes on his "break" card. He'll grab it quickly and has been wanting to whirl around in circles at break time. He'll spin and spin as if he needs to do it, he has to do it. He looks more focused after "he's spun." I know it's a stim but we have figured out very quickly and so has K.C. that stimming is something he can earn at "Break" and has really learned to have better control over himself during a session. To see where K.C. is now, compared to when we first began ABA is amazing.
Big Brother is having his tonsils removed on August 9Th. Our friends Melissa and Conor will be celebrating their little guys birthday on that day. We will be thinking of you guys :) Big Brother got a pet mouse of all things. We went to Petco and he seen the little critters and wanted one. It totally surprised me because he is totally obsessed with not getting "germs" or "diseases." I got the mouse straight away thinking it could be a turning point for Big Brother but he has lost all interest in the mouse fearing "germs" again. K.C. isn't interested in the mouse at all. Even the day we brought it home he looked at it once and has never stopped to look again. He'll glance at it but that's about it. I guess I will be taking care of the little critter or find someone who wants the cage and critter, a good home. Why do I get myself into these situations?
I have joined a Chavurah Group at the Synagogue. I love making things and to be honest I don't like to be with alot of people. Most of these women I know are from my parents and they are older. So I will be knitting with them once a week and listening to what has happened in their lives. I know I will like this group and listening most of all.
Lora and Griffin and Donetta, we are doing well. We hope you all are well and happy these days :)


Melissa H said...

From all of Conor's OT, it sounds like he's needing some vestibular stimulation in order to focus. That's why he's spinning and then seems more "focused". Do you have a desk chair that spins? He'd probably love that. We used to use that as Conor's break and reward in Speech therapy.

You might want to get him a Dizzy Disc, too. It REALLY helped Conor, once he got the hang of it.

kristina said...

That is why I am very hesitant everr to get a pet such as a dog----I suspect I would be taking care of it! The knitting group sounds like a good place to "refresh" and refocus.......

Mom without a manual said...

I'm glad to hear that KC is making good progress with the ABA program.

Ick on the mouse and good luck to Big Brother with his tonsils. I had mine removed about 7 years ago. It is not so easy on us old people but I hear the little ones bounce right back! Good luck!

Niksmom said...

So glad to hear things are better. :-) I thought the same thing Melissa did...KC sounds like he needs more vestibular input.
I had pet mice when I was a kid; I loved them. Unfortunately, so do our cat. :-(

Donetta said...

I'm sorry did my comments trouble you?

Melinda said...

The fact that K.C. has already learned to "earn" his stimming time during break is HUGE! This is one of the first steps in him recognizing there is a time and place for everything! Even stimming or self-soothing/calming methods our little guys all seem to have to do!

Noah used to do the same thing....and he now knows there are times and places he can do it and times and places he really cannot he has to wait till he gets to the time or place where he can again. He is MUCH more in control now! K.C. I am sure will do it too!