Saturday, August 18, 2007

Answer to a question.

In my last post "Anonymous" left a comment or two that said, "Anonymous said...

Here's my question---why are you publicizing all of this on your blog?

My answer...

A Blog is like journal, for me, it's the easiest way to publish my thoughts and to connect with other Parents who have children with Autism. I really believe that having other Parents to connect to, has been a huge support for me. I can only pray I have helped another Parent by sharing K.C.'s journey through his Autism. Sharing ideas with each other makes this journey a little bit easier.

What I do not understand is why you always use "anonymous" to comment? Why are you always attacking us Parents?

No matter, no more anonymous comments on this blog.

Anonymous said, "You are a thief."

I say... I am a mother doing everything I possibly can to help my son with Autism.

To NOT help my son would make me a true thief.


mcewen said...

Thief? How bizarre. What exactly are you supposed to have stolen?

Why is it always 'anon'? [and other great questions on the meaning of life as we know it.]

Otherwise, I think you've hit the nail on the head, that broadly speaking we blog to share. I take great comfort and joy in the miniscule [huge] triumphs of all our children.

Maybe anon needs a good translator?
Best wishes as always

redheadmomma said...

Don't worry about it, babe. Some people just have too much time on their hands. I'd have done what you did, hands down. Focus on the positive. Forget EVERYTHING else.


Donetta said...

We are, as Mothers with special needs children, educators to the world at large. Often questions hurt, They are based in a lack of knowledge and understanding. Sometimes if we take the time to explain understanding is gained and empathy (not sympathy) is gained and the query causing another to grow in compassion. However there are some who have notions and beliefs based so strongly that they will not be able to gain the understanding that might enlighten them to the views of a single experience shared.
Accusations are hurtful.
A thief can have a hand cut off for stealing food, in some countries, but that may make the desperation of hunger a greater threat if you are starving you just might sacrifice a hand to calm the belly.. If one has never experienced hunger he might be all for cutting off the hand.
God forbid he ever know such desperation as what you are experiencing.
My hope is that if someone ever come to "anoun" hungry that he offer the poor soul a morsel. Rather than to neglect and turn the man into a food thief.
You have become desperate and desperation calls for desperate measure. The measure may be against the Law but the law was indented to be for the people not a judge.
Mercy is a balm, compassionate people comfort.

Niksmom said...

Clap! Clap! Clap! You go, girl! Hugs from NiksFamily! xoxo

Mom without a manual said...

Amen to that! Don't ever regret anything you do to help your son. If no one ever rocked the boat nothing would ever happen in this world.

Forget about it and move forward.

Kudos on the no more anonymous comments. If anyone has anything to say I think they should have the courage to put there name on it anyway! It's not like we all sit next to each other at church on Sunday anyway!

Lora said...

Bravo Tina, you tell it like it is and make no bones about it. You have tons of support that surrounds you. Keep watching The Secret and let it help to guide you in every endeavor that you undertake. You are one hell of an awesome mother and don't let anyone ever try to make you feel any different. Keep up the good work and we will always be here for you my dearest friends. We love you guys!!!!!!!

Jan B said...

I had to go back and read why the anon reader said you were a thief, it is because your child does not live in the district where he is schooled. Do you parents pay school tax on their property? I bet they do. I bet you do too. I don't begrudge you an education for your son. I really don't. I wish that you didn't have to borrow an address, but I am glad that KC is having a great time in school. I have high hopes for Charlie, although his Dad is depressed thinking that Charlie won't be able to do 1st grade. I know that he will be able to do it.

Melinda said...

I have had a visit a time or two from anonymous as well....always crap.....always hateful, hurtful things said. They must be really miserable.

I also use my blog for exactly what it is......a diary of sorts of Noah's life....and our life together....all the ups and downs. I made it PUBLIC because I figured there may be another mom or dad out there who could relate to some of the things I wrote about.....which ultimately makes one feel somewhat better...just having others to relate to...who understand what you are going through....and to offer HOPE to others out there who may be having a very difficult time and not feeling very hopeful.

It is obvious ANONYMOUS has a lot of free time on their hands......and is probably very lonely. For harping about all the negatives of what we all do here.....they sure do seem to make the rounds at reading all of our blogs.

Mamaroo said...

Good for you Tina!

As for anonymous (or should I call you Hampstead New Hampshire?)...Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah...You can't get me! I don't miss you reading my blog one bit! I hope you do.

Melissa H said...

ROFL @ Mamaroo!

Yep. Tina, we've all had poor little Hampstead NH attack us over ridiculous things. She (because no man would be a pussy enough to *remain* anonymous) used to check my blog so many times in one day that her logins were in the double digits and into the wee hours, as well. Imagine the pitiful life, sitting in front of the computer all day and night, just hoping to leave some sort of comment that might hurt or initiate a response?? Don't give her the satisfaction of giving her a second thought. She's a grub.

JUST A MOM said...


Donetta said...

don't go away now... i miss you come back and live your life. have support and do not go it alone girl. :)
Love you baby.