Monday, August 13, 2007

I found a program for K.C.

Today I found an Autism class for K.C.! He begins tomorrow! I had to use my Mom's address so that he could attend the program, but, it will be so much better than the other option.
The children in this Autism class are all non verbal like K.C. and the teacher is big on Academics and learning to use the Augmentative Device and Signs. It's an ABA type class which is great for K.C. cause that's how he's learned so far, using ABA. The program director says the teacher next door to K.C.'s Autism class has 29 years of experience with Autistic kids and that K.C.'s new teacher did all of her learning under the teacher with 29 years.
I feel some guilt not telling the truth about my address :( In fact it's bothered me alot. I really feel in my heart I had no other options for K.C. and felt he'd be in danger at the other program. I am considering moving closer to the school for K.C. but will have to wait at least 6 months before I can make it happen. Besides I need to see how he responds to the program. I feel so much better knowing he'll be safe and that he'll definitely be learning! Wish us luck tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Are you a legal resident of the district where KC will be going and obtaining these services? If you are not a legal resident of that district the school will find out. Even though this may be a good program for KC, this is not a legal move if you are not a resident of that town. If you are then it is fine.

Just don't want to see you end up with anything else to worry about.

kristina said...

This sounds great! But I'm worried about the address issue---here in NJ they are very strict and they can find out. Is there any way you might move earlier? Or (I guess this might be hard) in with your parents?

Donetta said...

way to go!!!!!!!!!!!
keep an eye out for a way. Don't be limited to what you can see or understand. I will be praying for you guys. A lease can sometimes be broken given you have someone who wants to rent it. Ask around keep an open ear. Are you renting? There are a lot of foreclosures around right now AZ is the in the top 10 states for them. A lot of vacant places banks will want to rent or sell cheaper. The foreclosures will push the market down and home prices will be coming down.

Niksmom said...

Wow, I sure hope this works out. Meanwhile investigate your school choice options. In DE you can "choice" to another district if a you have a relative living in the district you want to go to. Check your DOE website or make some anonymous inquiries. ALSO, start putting together all your information about why you felt you had to do this in case it comes down to a battle.

Melissa H said...

I know that everyone is putting the fear of God in you about the address, but you know what? We, as parents of special needs, should not HAVE to play those stupid games to get our kids the services they need ANYWAY!!! Here in Fl, they have the McKay Scholarship which enables you to move to another public school in ANY district or to a private school (of course, they pay a pittance compared to the tuition of any private school). Contact a local advocate and find out what your state rights are. I can GUARANTEE that there is something that can allow you to put KC where you best see fit. It all falls back on the IDEA act and the "least restrictive environment" and a "free and appropriate (APPROPRIATE!!) education". Chin up, Tina. You're doing the right thing, even if you have to fight for it. KC deserves it.

Sam I Am said...

I am so glad to hear about the program. Like Kristina said, is there any way to move sooner? As a teacher by trade over the years though, I can't tell you how many families do what your doing, and usually it is for convienence for parents on their way to work, not because of a valued education like your needing for KC. Did you look into open enrollment? Wishing you many blessing tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

You can't send him to another program in another city if he is not a resident of that city or unless your district, where you are a resident, sends him there with a contract with the other district. There would have to be a formal meeting for this and both districts would have to agree to outplacement.

Your school district is going to ask where KC is going to school as they are legally required to keep track of him. Sending him on your own to another district using another address is illegal and will land you in big trouble. Just wanted to warn you.

Anonymous said...

The best way to go about it is to obtain an advocate or an attorney and prove that the IEP and the services (placement)that your current district is offering are not appropriate whatsoever for KC (which sounds like it would be very easy to do!) and see if they will outplace him to this other district's program. If you can not do that, you should move in with your mother and obtain residency that way.

We have seen many cases like yours and KC will either be imediately kicked out of this program in the other district since he is attending illegally and/or they could sue you. No one is trying to place "the fear of God into you", they are trying to make sure that KC obtains the services and placement he is entitled to under the law in a legitimate way.

A Bishops wife said...

I do not know very much but I can pray about your situation.

I really hope things go well for you and KC.

I am dreding school for my junior.I still may not send him.

Lora said...

I think that you are an awesome mommy who always has her children's best interest in mind, I would do exactly the same thing that you are doing if I were in your shoes.

Don't let people's comments change your mind because I say SHAME on you people who are cowards for leaving an anonymous comment. If these people had any integrity they would leave their names on their comments. Pay them no mind Tina!

Follow your heart and your intuition, you will find that everything will fall into place. Never feel bad/guilty because of other people's judgment of you. You know what they say about opinions, you just hang in there and do what is right for K.C. Trust your own judgment and you will ultimately do what is best.

We love you guys.....big hugs to the three of you from us!

Anonymous said...

No one is trying to shame her or make her feel bad at all, just telling her what could possibly happen. Attorneys see this often.

Mom without a manual said...

Yikes. What a situation. For the record I am not anonymous. Not sure why they have to remain nameless but they seem to have been around the block. They probably do know what they are talking about.

It does seem likely that the schools will figure it out and I know that school districts are not happy about absorbing the expenses for our kids. Without a doubt the new school will dismiss KC if they find out that they are not legally responsible for him.

Yes, you can go through the whole school process and try to get them to have to pay for him to go elsewhere but we want a better placement for KC BEFORE he turns 20!

This whole thing sucks! This is really something that you should have an advocate help you with. They will know the technicalities while most of us are just speaking with our hearts.

Personally, I think your best bet is moving in with your mom. Legally that can't be contested--if you can prove that you are residing there. Of course, the best option is moving to the district ASAP!

If you live in the district they have to provide services. And realistically no district is going to look the other way. We are talking about thousands and thousands of dollars. To them, this is about money not KC!

It is so sad that the only people who ever seem to be looking out for our kids is us! This gets so exhausting and frustrating! And it is so damn intimidating when we have to take on the system like this!

All I can really say is good luck Tina, with whatever you decide! I understand no matter what you do and none of us will judge your decision!

Anonymous said...

If you are going to consider a tuition agreement if the new school is outside of your district, you may want to say your mom is the daycare provider for your son. Many schools will agree to tuition agreements due to daycare situations, especially for children who have a difficult time finding and maintaining daycare placements. Our district is huge, and they almost never cross attendance boundaries, but have for such situations, even within district.

JUST A MOM said...

Anonymous said... SHUT UP!!!!

Tina you can always move KC into your parents home for the week. Move him back in your home for the weekend... Who is to know.... A mother has to do what a mother has to do... What is ther to be worrying about,, YOU stand up for yoru child I HOPE THE OTHER SCHOOL IS SHUT DOWN!!!!!!! I would contact the state and let them know just what condition that place is in. YOUR SON HAS RIGHTS!!!!!!! You do not need anythign other then your mommyhood....

Mamaroo said...

I am with Melissa and Lora, you do what is best for K.C. NOW! That is the bottom line. There is no way I would send my child to the program you described in your district. You live with your mom as far as they know. Follow your heart and do what you know is right for your boy. When your 6 months are up with the apartment move in the district where K.C. is going to school. Until then Mom's house is your house whether you are sleeping there or not.

Good Luck Tina and do not let the anonymous commenters change your mind!

Anonymous said...

I know that in our district, you need to present a driver's license with your current address. Is there a way you could change that immediately, so that your driver's license has your parents' address?

Melinda said...

again I have never known ANY school to verify ANY addresses for ANY child....special needs or not!

AND......the way I see it.....he lives with his grandparents and have 2 addresses......they are both like shared residencies when a couple gets divorced and share custody