Friday, August 24, 2007

School and stuff.

Everything is going well these days. We are in the 30 Th consecutive day of triple digit weather here in AZ.

K.C. had a check up at the doctors office yesterday and he now weighs 74 pounds! The doctor was not happy about that and asked me to give him only one snack when he gets home from school and to be sure it's healthy. Oy vey!
I really believe that it's the heat doing it. I mean we can hardly get out to do anything because of the heat he gets very little exercise. In the Winter he'll lose the weight. He also had to get a second Chicken Pox shot. The Doctor said the kiddos need two now. I can hardly keep up with the shots he does have! He got the shot and was very grumpy the rest of the day. This morning he was fine, smiling and ready for school! In Motor Lab he walked on a treadmill for 6 minutes! He also lay on his stomach and allowed the teacher to push him on a platform swing. He did an obstacle course as well. He's also working on letter and number recognition, hand over hand handwriting and numbers on a white board. He's comes off the bus happy each day. I wrote the teacher an introduction letter that told the most important things about K.C. Since he's not talking I thought it would be a good idea to write a letter so they can help him better. She said it was the first "Introduction" letter she had ever got and was very happy to get it. That made me feel relieved :)
College Boy has been hanging out with Big Brother teaching him to long board. Big Brother loves long boarding and I think College Boy loves it just as much. Tonight College Boy is coming by to pick Big Brother up to go to a skateboard shop. Big Brother is totally happy about it. Dad isn't happy with the skateboarding, he thinks he "should be studying." I believe you have to be a kid as well. Your only a kiddo once! Big Brother still studies quite a bit and it's really just this year that he's been like a regular kiddo. Playing outside and getting dirty.
We are looking forward to cooler temps, pray for cooler weather.

The above pictures, K.C. in College Boys room listening to his IPOD and Big Brother Boarding and College Boy boarding.


Eileen said...

So nice to hear that K.C. comes off the bus happy each day! Hope you guys get a break from the heat soon.

JUST A MOM said...

hey you,,,, it sounds great about school!!!!!! we mom's have to stick our noses in where our babies come in. AND our air died.... wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cooler air soon please...

Melissa H said...

I think an introduction letter is a great idea for our kids, whether they're verbal or not! Conor talks a lot, but that doesn't mean that he'd be able to tell a teacher the important things about him. You're such a smart mommy who knows her boys!!! (oh, and I agree with you about letting kids be kids...)
SO glad to hear that things are going so well at KC's new school. Hooray! Could it be possible that we will ALL have a good year this year?!?!

Lora said...

I think that it is great that you wrote a letter of introduction for the teacher, you are always on top of things and go the extra mile that other parents don't usually go. I agree with you about Big Brother only being a kid once and allowing him plenty of time to play as well as studying. Tina, you are such a great mommy so organized and so pro-active I really admire you! Love you guys! Hugs and smiles!

Merelyme said...

sounds like things are going well! i have been meaning to get over here to comment for some time now. wanted to thank you so much for your comments on my site. it is so hot here is like winter in a way...being so cooped up in the house. my son has been pretty good about my explanations that parks and playgrounds are out of the question until this heat subsides.

i will be back to read and comment more! keep writing!

oh looks like i will have to sign in with my blogger account to comment. by the way...i have MS and i have a blog about that.

kristi said...

I did an "introduction e-mail" to TC's teacher as well. She is great at communicating with me so hopefully this will be better than last year!