Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chinese Store and Pinching

The Boys and their Daddy and I went to visit the Chinese store today. We bought bean sprouts, noodles, (alcohol, their Dad not me) Shrimp crackers and a few other things. K.C. did very well in the store, it was quite crowded and noisy but he made it through fine. He likes to look around so much so he runs into people if I am not holding his hand and weaving our way through people. Today as we stopped to look at Tofu, another man was standing near us reading a package and K.C. ran his hands along the back of his shirt. I have to watch and remember that he loves to feel things. The man just smiled at him. Most people are understanding and will smile.

K.C. loves to open the doors in the refrigerated section of the supermarket. He'll open every single one of the doors if I let him. I try to hurry through that part of the store, get what I need and move on.

Yesterday evening K.C. started pinching and pinching. He pinched his arms so much it looks as though the blood under the skin has come to the top. I don't know why he is doing this. He doesn't look angry when he does but looks very determined to pinch and pinch. I distracted him as much as I could yesterday from pinching. We even got out of the house and took at trip to a thrift store. K.C. picked out a little bag of action figures and we brought those home and it kept his hands busy for awhile. This morning the pinching started again :( He doesn't look upset at all. I don't know why he's pinching but hope he forgets about it soon. I am trying not to bring too much attention to the pinching cause I know he'll just do it more.

Last night we got some rain! I was able to open the door and let the boys watch it rain. Gosh I miss seeing it rain, I would love to see a good thunderstorm!


mcewen said...

I don't want to speak out of turn but maybe he's seeking extra sensory input? One of mine is always grinding his body into things or bouncing on the trampolene. One 'game' he likes is to be wrapped up quite tightly in a blanket and then for me to squish him into the floor. I'm quite light so I'll lie my body over his for a couple of minutes. He loves it and he's always much calmer afterwards. There are lots of similar things you can try that might help. Sorry if that sounded too ......can't think of the right word! Well, I just hope you're not offended.
Best wishes

Eileen (aka Mamaroo) said...

Hmmm, as far as the pinching goes, I've heard that some people do this for sensory reasons and to give themselves more awareness of their own bodies. I bet a deep message with lotion might help. I am not sure how K.C. feels about messages, but Andrew loves them and they are very relaxing for him, especially on his hands and feet. Glad to hear that things went well in the store. Hope you get some more rain soon!

redheadmomma said...

Love all your pictures of KC! Sorry that he's pinching, can the OT at school (do you have an OT at school?) address that? sounds like a sensory thing but I have no idea what from.

hang in there! R

JUST A MOM said...

ok I totaly missed the rain!! I went to bed at 1 this morning and got up at 11 this afternoon. our street was wet and it was cooler... oh well I sure hope he does forget about the pinching. enjoy yoru air the guy still has not called us back....

Melissa H said...

Conor used to do the same thing with the doors. For a time, he was obsessed with opening and closing the house doors at Lowe's and there would be a HUGE meltdown if we didn't let him do it.
Maybe KC is pinching himself because he actually *feels* it (hyposensitive, sensory-wise?)
Then again, I know that I did strange things like that as a kid too, just experimenting. (What will happen if I leave a bite mark on myself? What if I scratch my initials in my leg with my fingernail?) Just odd stuff. Who knows why.

Niksmom said...

I'll echo what others have already said...sounds like a sensory thing. Nik chews on his hands. The brushing and other sensory things we are doing have been helping. Definitely look into it with the OT. If you don't have it, check out "The Out of Synch Child" by Carol Stock Kranowitz and Lucy Jane Miller. Your local library should have it or can get it for you.

Lora said...

Hi there girlfriend! I also believe that it is a sensory issue, maybe he is seeking some proprioceptive input. It would be great if an O.T. could address this issue. When Griffin needed more input we used skin brushing and joint compression and it worked so well that he totally stopped his SIBs. I am sure that you will figure it out because you are such a wonderful mommy and very resourceful. Love you guys, Hugs!

A Bishops wife said...

I just love the picture of him at the freezer door. That is really a good photogragh.

Junior must have every door closed if they are open. Every door in the house is always closed. I open them to even out the temperature in here, and he closes them again.

I do with my Noddy just what the other said. He actually request to have someone lay on top of him or give him a massage. He will pull the cushions off the couch and lay under them. Then he wants someone to lay on top. He said he starts feeling "like I am floating or can not feel myself". It is a sensory thing. His OT suggested I need to get him a "weighted blanket". I do not know where to get one.

Junior has been eating erasers! Whole erasers and "snacking" on those nerf-foam ball things. We have had to get rid of all that. Erasers are out for sure.

Sam I Am said...

I hear you on ignoring the pinching. We too have learned that there are some things we need to ignore and not make a big deal of, or Sam will just do it more.

Hope you are finishing up the summer with fun!!!

Brad K said...

Hi My daughter too is 7 and has been pinching severely her whole body for 5 months. I'm in tears that I found your site. We have done all sorts sensory, OT and no seems to have an answer. I'd love to chat with you on ideas. We have had many phases with her and ignored many but she looks so awful I can't ignore these purple bruises. Meredith