Monday, May 14, 2007


I took Big Brother to see Spiderman for the second time yesterday. If you haven't seen it yet, it is really, really good!

I want to be able to take K.C. as well. I can't get him to wear ear plugs to block out some of the noise from the movie. I think the loud noise is what overwhelms him. I have tried taking him before and he was o.k. waiting until the previews started and the very loud sound started. He covered his ears and howled in pain. Have you guys been able to go to the movies and how did you get past the loudness? I think K.C. would really like to see a Disney movie but at this point he's terrified. Any ideas?

I just put the little guy on the school bus. School is out for the Summer here on May 24 Th. I have Big Brother in a Summer program but haven't yet decided where or if K.C. will go. I think the Summer will be perfect for two sessions of ABA per day.

The weather here has been so hot. 106 a couple of days ago. When I do take K.C. out to wait for the bus it's at the very last minute because of the heat. He just plops right down on the hot sidewalk. I tried to get him to sit on his backpack but he just won't do it. I so need to move! I am so sick of these very hot temps. It will most likely be this way until November! I want to see snow!


Melissa H said...

No advice on the movie thing because I personally HATE going to the movies for that very reason. (maybe I have sensory issues, too!!)
I think it is wonderful that you are able to take Big Brother and that the two of you can enjoy it together. But, if it isn't what KC enjoys, that's okay. I bet he's just as happy watching a Disney movie on his DVD player at home. (I know I am!! I can pause it when I want, use my own bathroom, eat my own snacks and sit on my own comfy couch!!)

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I'm glad you and BB liked the movie. I haven't seen it yet and will likely wait until DVD. Sarah's been to the theatre once and couldn't sit through it so we only do DVDs here. I personally find it more economical that way anyhow.

Maybe you could try coming in after the previews?

Hope someone has some better suggestions than mine!


A Life Uncommon said...

Hay Girl, My kids both have sensory intigration dysfunction. I use a blanked (baby type or even sew one out of spidy fabric). When it gets too much they cover their heads. /anither trick is head phones like the ones airplane mach. use. We got ours from an audio place from OT work If ya like I might be able to hunt down the paper work> I think they are about $60. They cover the ear all the way and are open to the ear fitting inside the cup so to speak. Not squished in it. Center of the theater has the best balance of sound. High up though is the safest for them theye can see the projection window and have some relitivity.
Campers use these fold up seats , aluminum just big enough for your fanny. They are very little and light weight.??Might help.
Arizona heat is also a Blast pun intended

gretchen said...

My boys both want to see Spiderman. They watch #2 all the time at home, but I was worried that #3 might be scary. I guess not if you guys have seen it twice!

A group here used to organize special screenings of movies for kids with disabilities. That's how we saw Chicken Little a couple years ago. They kept the theater a little lighter and turned the sound down. It was so great, but I think they have stopped doing it, or else I just fell off their mailing list.

Just the past month or so I have tried taking Henry to the movies. He covers his ears but is still smiling. He's 7 and a half now, so I think it just took him some time to learn to handle the loud sound.

I also loved reading your last post about your trip! I like your idea of not saying "he's autistic" in front of K.C. You're exactly right that you don't want to make it sound like something is "wrong" with him.

What if K.C. and Henry could watch a Disney movie together?! There would be a lot of flapping and humming and unusual noises- and two happy boys!!

Anonymous said...

i wonder if it's just too much at the theater? at least at home, you can control the volume and take breaks.

sorry about the heat! i'd plop on the sidewalk too!

Lora said...

I'm with Melissa on the movie thing because I'd rather be at home too for the very same reasons. No advice here either I wish that I could be of some help but maybe he is just as happy at home watching it on his DVD player. I wouldn't dare try to take Griffin to the movies alone because he would have to take breaks every so often because of the noise and he wouldn't sit still I'm sure of it. I think that I would feel overwhelmed and perhaps even frustrated and it wouldn't be worth it to me. Besides, he would for sure much rather be at home watching movies.

I don't blame you about wanting to get out of the heat. It is going to get really hot and humid here this summer and then I will be the first one to complain but I will probably whine about it too

JUST A MOM said...

see snow you ae just about the funniest person I have read today. snow hahahahahah dream on girly . we will have to do snow together this winter maybe.

kristi said...

We took my son to see Spiderman 3 and the noise bothers him too. He covers his ears but does okay otherwise. The only time we had issues were during the quiet (speaking)scenes and my son was saying "Spiderman" the whole time.

redheadmomma said...

In Seattle, they have various movie theaters that will show the movie at a particular time (usually late morning) with the sound turned down halfway, for the special needs crowds. Does your neck of the woods have anything like that? I find out about them thru the listserv locally. If not.... start asking who'd be interested in going, and start talking to the smaller theaters who may just want your business!

Good luck!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Hmm looks like the comments are off for the next post.. just wanted to say I'm so happy for KC.. i'm a total waterbaby myself so I know just how he feels.. there's nothing like being in water.

Carol said...

Can't do movies with my 10 year old autistic son either, but then I don't think he's disappointed so we don't feel guilty not taking him. The one place he's gone and enjoyed a 'movie' was the Fantasmic show in Disney World. He LOVES that but still asks us to put our hands over his ears to subdue the volume a bit.

mcewen said...

I think we're just going to wait for Shrek 3. And as for swimming - that works great for both of mine.