Monday, May 21, 2007

Autism or Mercury Poisoning?

(K.C. with his Macaw Device at school. His teacher sent these home for his PECS photos over the Summer.)
On our way to catch the school bus this morning K.C. loves to help take the mail out of the box. Today in the mail I got some test results of the DMSA Treatment study from Jaunary 2006. K.C. had blood draws, many blood draws and was supposed to move on to the Chelation study but I stopped short of moving forward because I feared for his safety. What I got in the mail today was his blood draw results. Two of his tests came back as "abnormal." K.C. has Mercury in his system, it's at abnormal levels, it says Mercury I g A AB - 20 This one says abnormal levels. The other test is RBC TOTAL GLUTATHIONE 423 MicroM. There are papers explaining what Mercury and Glutathione are, they came with his results but they are very hard to understand. I am really worried and confused about it. I do not know where K.C. would have gotten Mercury from, where ever he got it, it can't be good right? I am racking my brain trying to figure it out, I keep wondering if he's just Mercury poisoned or Autistic if that makes any sense. We are going to see the Pediatrician to talk about his results. It's all very confusing.


JUST A MOM said...

WOW THAT IS SCARRY,, Tina why are you logged in under K.C.'s blog. bummer let me now ok.. I got stupid tests back too I will post it later.

JUST A MOM said...

I am a looser never mind

Anonymous said...

vaccinations? I chelated my son, orally and safely. do not be afraid of it.

My name is K.C., I am 6 years old and my Mommy made this blog, it is all about me! said...

Hi Anonymous,
Is your son better from the Chelation? I guess I am a little freaked out over the Chelation thing because of what happened to the little boy who died. I want to get the Mercury out of him because I know how dangerous it is. I sure don't want him to have it in his body if it impacts his life so much as it has. Maybe if the Mercury gone he can learn and be happier. I just want the Mercury gone to give K.C. a fair chance at life. I don't want it to have a grip on him.

Melissa H said...

Tina -

Learning new information about Conor is always so overwhelming for me, too. I always wonder if I'm overreacting or if I'm underreacting. This little voice shouts from inside, "Do something about this information NOW before it is too late!! You're wasting time!!!"
And, the mercury poisoning/vaccination/autism debate is a very controversial subject among parents of children with autism.

Personally, I chose NOT to look into the heavy metal testing because there is currently so much controversy over the necessity to remove the metals and debated evidence over the validity of chelation treatment. I'm NOT saying that it doesn't work, just that I am personally wary of trying something so invasive to my child that it just might do more harm than good.
Yes, it is definitely confusing.
I will pray that the Lord leads you to do what is best for KC.

A Life Uncommon said...

Im so sorry to hear of the mercury. One common sorse is canned tuna, other sea foods have higher levels do a search on it.
Im glad you have a place to seek and discover More information.

redheadmomma said...

Noah's undergoing oral chelation right now, and he's doing just fine. The little boy that died, I believe, was getting an IV, which I would never do to my son. Noah's under the care of a well-reputed naturopath & DAN! doc who we like very much. If it didn't feel right to do this, we would never have gone in this direction. But we wanted to make sure that we went down all the roads we could to help Noah.

When we got Noah's metals tested, he was high for mercury & lead. The naturopath explained that the first born child inherits 80% of the mother's toxic load. Because I have a LOT of metal amalgams, that could be a prime suspect. Also, the OB gave me a flu shot in my third trimester when I was pregnant with Noah, and TO THIS DAY has thimerosol in it. So that's what I think happened with Noah, other than I also believe he's genetically susceptible. Just my two cents, hope this helps. If you do want to go in this direction, get the name of a well-loved and respected practitioner through one of your local listservs, and please leave me a comment on my blog if you want to talk further. If you do nothing else, I am proud of you for simply questioning, and being such a great mom for KC.


p.s. we're seeing some jumps in verbal from the chelation - it's not like he's cured of autism, but we're seeing improvements.

Anonymous said...

Yes-chelation DID help. we would never do the IV thing-that is scary. I suggest you find DAN! doctor and at least talk about it. It cannot hurt-really.

Lora said...

Chelation is very controversial and can be very scary. I told you what happened when I had Griffin tested and that the hospital lab just happened to "forget" to do the mercury test even though they did do the other tests for heavy metals which were fine. I don't think that it was an accident that they didn't do the mercury test, I believe that it was intentional. I need to get him tested again and this time make sure that the test is done. I don't know if I would do oral chelation or not if I did indeed find out that he has an overload of mercury. You are a great mommy and I know that you will do what is best for K.C. the answers will come to you. We love you guys, big hugs to all three of you!

Anonymous said...

Two of his tests came back as "abnormal." K.C. has Mercury in his system, it's at abnormal levels, it says Mercury I g A AB - 20 This one says abnormal levels.

Make sure to ask your pediatrician what "Mercury IgA AB" is, because it is not "mercury in his system". Poison control is only a phone call away and they'll help you understand this for free.

Anonymous said...

Is the lab report from Immunosciences by any chance?

My name is K.C., I am 6 years old and my Mommy made this blog, it is all about me! said...

Hi Anonymous,
Yep it is Immunosciences! How did you guess? I am going to click on the blue link you provided and check it out! Thanks for the info it is so greatly appreciated:)

Anonymous said...

Please look carefully at both sides of the mercury question, because DAN (Defeat Autism Now!) and most other scientific researchers have different conclusions. The general scientific consensus puts very little weight on the autism/mercury connection, the thermosal theory, and the "provoked" mercury tests many DAN doctors use to find mercury poisoning (which varies markedly for normal mercury/heavy metal poisoning tests). Also, the symptoms of confirmed mercury poisoning don't really resemble the symptoms of autism. Chelation is a risky procedure, and I'd suggest you get all the information, not just one side's views before trying anything.