Thursday, May 03, 2007

Quick Note, Fellow Autism Mom's Video

A fellow Autism Mommy that lives in same state as I, has made her own Autism Video. I cried and cried when I watched it. It is very touching, if you have a chance please watch the video, it will really, really hit home. Thanks :) Here is the link and small note she attached, ""Hi everyone, I made a video about autism & my son for the Five for Fighting "What Kind of World Do You Want?" Each time the video is viewed and the ad at the end gets clicked, 49 cents goes to Autism Speaks.Here's the link: for checking it out!Kim G. ""


Lora said...

I wish that I could watch it but the audio is not working on my computer right now....bummer:( but maybe I can watch it later after I figure out what's wrong with the sound. Take care my friends ~Hugs~

Lora said...

I finally got audio and watched the video.......I cried too! Thanks for the link, hope all is well with you guys. We love you all. ~Hugs~

Mary Beth said...

Does Kim G have a blog?, I would love to read it if she does