Monday, May 28, 2007

Busy Weekend!

The boys and I had a busy weekend! I took them to visit there great grandma, K.C. loves visiting her and is always all smiles when he's there. He runs to her front door and Big Brother knocks, when she opens the door she always gives them great big hugs, K.C. is a tough one to hug though. He will be all smiles when he sees her but will blow right past her as if shes not there. When we get inside my grandma will ask him for "kiss and hug" and he'll let her. It's the cutest thing cause he'll leave his head hanging down a little low cause he knows she wants a kiss. It was a great visit. It used to be that K.C. could only handle a very short stay at her house but now he stays for up to an hour long!
Big Brother is a total Spiderman addict! He wears the Venom costume every chance he gets. He has the red costume (the good Spiderman) and the black costume (not so nice Spiderman). He tries his best to get K.C. to put on the red costume, he wants to play Spiderman with K.C. badly! He keeps trying to put the mask over K.C.'s head. At one point K.C. kept the mask on for about 2 minutes and Big Brother was thrilled!
We went swimming this evening at our house, K.C. loves the water, I mean totally loves it! He kicks his feet, he knows he is able to float, best of all, he looks so relaxed in the water. He has no fears of water, I honestly believe he will be a swimmer quickly, I believe he learn all on his own. I always keep a safety jacket on him in the water cause he'll walk straight to the deep end and get in. It's kinda scary cause he hasn't an ounce of fear. When he's in the water he spends alot of time with his eyes closed and twirling around. He loves doing this in the water:) He'll be a swimmer soon!


Melinda, mom of Noah said...

that is great! Noah loves the water but also becomes a bit fearful at times. He needs to learn to swim......but I am not sure he will be very responsive to that just yet. LOVE the photos!

Anonymous said...

how great that kc is able to stay at his grandma's for longer and longer periods! and that he loves the water. fluffy is the same way, relaxed and happy in the water. he does the same thing kc does--closes his eyes and twirls around and around.

Melissa H said...

Sigh.... hooray for good days!

Lora said...

I am so happy that KC is so comfortable in the water, Griffin is too. I bet grandma is so thrilled that KC is more and more comfortable staying for longer amounts of time there. I think it's a big deal that KC kept the mask on for a couple of minutes, that's great!
Many hugs!

kristina said...

Go KC! So great that he is doing good with visits, swimming, and wearing that Spiderman mask! Hope you'll post a swimming photo soon!