Sunday, May 20, 2007

Swimming With The Boys

I took the boys swimming over the weekend. I think that I have finally found something K.C. is totally comfortable with, SWIMMING! He loved it! He got in the pool slowly but once he was in, he floated around, laughed, drank the water (I tried my best to keep him from doing that) and looked relaxed! K.C. has a different type of walk. Everyone we know always says, "he walks around like a little old man." His OT says he has hyptonia that is why he has a floppy look to him. Yesterday he toe walked all around the pool, but guess what? As soon as he got in the water, his shoulders fell and he looked relaxed and not so tense. You could see his shoulders just fall. I haven't seen him look like that in a very long time! I really believe he could learn to swim very quickly! Maybe even before Big Brother! It was so different yesterday, Big Brother wanted to do what K.C. did without fear! What a change, Big Brother wanted to learn from K.C. I think K.C.'s has no fear of the water and Big Brother does so that makes a huge difference. I went out to the store yesterday and bought more sunscreen. It's been 100 degrees here everyday. Next week it's supposed to be 108. Guess we will be doing what all of the children in Arizona do to keep cool, swim! (I don't know why but Blogger turned my comments off, figures!) Hopefully they will be turned on in the next post, sorry about that.)