Thursday, March 08, 2007


( My blog is going wacky tonight, my blogroll is at the bottom of the page, haven't a clue as to why)
We have finally found out why K.C. is stripping all the time. I should have known or been able to figure it out. I wrote a post awhile back called, "What is this?" It's here, I thought he was having a food allergy but I took him to the Dr. yet again and she said its Eczema. K.C. is still itchy and it even looks painful especially behind his knees. The itch won't stop because the Dr. said it's a flare up. The Dr. gave us some stuff called Dermatop, it's a topical steroid. I put it on K.C. tonight and he did not like it period. I am praying it helps soon cause the Dr. said it would leave scars. He has crusty looking spots right now and I could see how it would leave scars cause he picks and picks at the scabs, just pulling them off, (gross I know, sorry I am so graphic) If your kiddos start to itch and itch and their itching turns crusty and if you've tried Benadryl and all the other lotion and it isn't working it could be Eczema.
K.C. did something today as I helped him get dressed. Today I said, "pull pants up." He did it!!!!! He did it straight away and when I cheered him on, Pants up, good boy!" He smiled!!!! He's getting it. Before you know it he'll be doing it all by himself! When I put his shirt on, I'll just put his head through the shirt and his arms in. I leave the shirt up to his chest to see if he'll pull it down just right and he does. Little by little so he continues to try and not get frustrated. Frustration is the last thing we want cause he's trying hard and he's happy. During free time from homeschooling in the day K.C. has been watching Gumby. He picked Gumby out all by himself. He really seems to like the video. So when his skin gets better and the stripping his clothes off ends (I pray it ends when the Eczema gets better, that is until there is another flare up) he'll be able to go outside and bounce on his horse.


kristina said...

So great about KC putting on his own pants!

A relative has eczema---she is very careful about her diet. I know that KC has food preferences but watching things like her salt intake and drinking lots of fluids have been essential to keep it under control. She is also very careful about the soaps and lotions she uses and detergent (she only uses Ivory Snow). Hope KC feels better.

Mom without a manual said...

I am so glad you got an answer! Isn't it funny the messages our kids send us when they don't have the words for it!

I swear by the time we have them raised we will all be able to earn a living doing the "mindreading paranormal circuit"!

Congrats on the dressing too!

Evelyn said...

Hello, This is the first time I came upon your blog and I must say that you appear to be going through some very interesting challenges here.

I am a mum, with eczema skin problems myself but with a child who has been diagnosed as autistic. There are several things you can do in relation to eczema and autism from the natural and alternative health angle. I've got pretty good results with turning my eczema around and with helping my child out.

What I hope to encourage you is that please consider exploring natural and alternative treatments such as homeopathy, massage, applied kinesiology, etc. Read about these areas and find out how they can possibly help you for K.C.

My heart goes out to you, each time you face a challenging situation. I've been there and know what it feels like. There will be more challenges to come. From one mum to another, you are doing great!!

Good luck!! If it helps, you can write to me.

kristi said...

My son was diagnosed with ecema at 3 months old. I have tried everything!! I commented on another one of your posts about a cream I found online. We still have occasional flare ups but no more bad, bad breakouts. Eczema tends to "hide" under the skins surface. Also some washing powders affects my son's skin so I have to be very careful about what i use.

mcewen said...

One of mine suffers from eczema too, so I know what you're going through [especially the picking the scabs!]

Delighted to hear about 'pull up!'

We are advancing to 'top of your head, not face!' for putting the T-shirts, slowly, slowly, slowly, but we're all getting there!