Monday, February 12, 2007

What is this?

K.C. is getting some sort of weird red little spots that are making him itch badly. They are on the palms of his hands, in between his fingers and on his back where his shirt tag is. I cut that tag off tonight, I didn't think it would bother him cause it was one of those soft tags but it did, he kept reaching behind him trying to itch it off or pull it off. There are no blisters so far. I am wondering if this is what is left from the taco incident a couple weeks ago? He got all red and itchy from the tacos, it was maddening for him. I did put Calming Lotion on him but it hasn't helped. Looks like we should head to the Paediatrician's office.
Big Brother is well and smiling once again:) He's making his own Valentines Day Cards, his class is having a party. I bought white frosting and fruit punch for him to bring to the party. I asked him if he had a special Valentine at school and he said, "Oh Gawd Mom, girls are gross!" I laughed.


kristina said...

Poor KC! Hope you find out what it is----I always have a hard time getting Charlie not to scratch (and sometimes even Benadryl does not help).

Lynanne said...

Did they ever isolate the virus that caused BigBrother's viral meningitis? Some virus can cause a rash (even if they don't cause meningitis) It's hard to tell from the photos what it could be.

Tina and Jayce said...

Hi Lynanne,

The little bumps are becoming more, I am taking him to the Dr.'s tomorrow. It's so hard to tell what it is. The little bumps are on K.C. Big Brother hasn't got them fortunately.

Lora said...

What did the doctor say? Was it contact dermatitis or allergic reaction or what? I hope that he figured it out and had some answers for you. Jayce is so darn adorable but I bet that he would hate it if you told him I said that so just tell him that I said that he is a handsome guy! Love you guys, Hugs!!!

mariselaj said...

Can someone tell me what has worked at easing eczema and the itching skin? my nephew has autism and he was just diagnosed with eczema and my brother and sister in-law are really concern because nothing is really working. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.