Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thank You, To Everyone.

I am so thankful to you guys for the ideas on how to keep K.C. safe. Our kids are so fast, can open even the most difficult locks, it really is amazing. Thank you for sharing your escape stories with me. God is watching over our children, I am thanking God every second to have K.C. with us still.
I feel traumatized, totally traumatized.
K.C. is o.k. today, it's as if nothing ever happened.
It sure does take everything we got to care for our Autistic children, every ounce of energy, strength, patience and most of all love.
(((Hugs to you all))) Tina.


kristina said...

Tina, take care of yourself!

I think on top of the locks and alarms, it would be good to start a program about teaching KC to "stay at the house with mom" or something like that. It's going to take a long time but my first thought is just not to give him any reinforcement when he runs off---by which I mean, if you are walking down the street with him and he starts to run off, of course go after him but show no anxiety (however much you feel it; you can always write about it here). We did this with Charlie and just by showing him that (however terrified we felt inside) we were not all upset when he ran off, he gradually stopped thinking it was a game.

Again, this is a long teaching process and the first step is the locks, but KC can learn not to escape; it will take time.

Second thng. In Minnesota and Long Island, NY, some people have been posting Autisitc Child signs and I don't know what the situation is in Arizona, but it is something to think about, or to let other people know about.

Thinking of you and KC and Big Brother as always.

Jan B said...

Depending upon your circumstances and living arrangements, a fence might help too, but don't do what we did and get a chain link fence, too climbable! Get a big ugly old stockade fence and put the crossmember on the OUTSIDE. We have learned from our mistakes.

Mom Embracing Autism said...

Hi Tina, Thanks for your hello on my blog! As I came over to your blog to say "Hi" I read about K.C.'s escape from the house last Friday. Thank God everything worked out okay! I have a good friend in a nearby town who has had continuing problems with her autistic son wandering and stripping. They have had to be vigilant with him from a very early age.

So far we don't have these kinds of problems with my son, but I'm sure the day is coming.

Karianna said...

Oh my. As I read your previous post, I felt fear, nerves, and then finally anger at the whole "neglect charges" possibility.

I fume when I think about how I am judged as a parent.

And I tremble with fear knowing that I've had several "close calls" in which I could have lost either of my sons.

I am glad that KC is okay today. But I can certainly understand how you will remain traumatized for a long time to come.

Whew! What a horrific experience.

Sam I Am said...

This was on the news in our state today, and I am thinking about checking these bracelets out as well. The only downfall is that they look expensive and I think your local department needs to be up to the GPS stuff, but (SMILE) it could be "another" resource or hand out you could give the detective when they come and suggest that their department check this out. Smiles and hugs.

jypsy said...

Please, if the police are hassling you, contact Dennis Debbaudt. His training covers this (police blaming parents for their autistic kids escaping) . I'm so glad we brought him here to train PEI's law enforcement & first responders. Visit our blog that documents the Run that funded Dennis' training - and check out Dennis' 2 links there at the top right. If you want more info, email me at jypsy AT isn DOT net .